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    RubiGrid® 2019+ RAM Truck 1500/2500/3500/4500/5500 Dash Mount


    (1x) RubiGrid® Base
    (1x) 4-Hole AMPS Balls
    (1x) 7cm Carbon Fiber + Kevlar Mounting Arm
    (1x) Universal Phone Holder
    (1x) RubiGrid® Base
    (1x) 4-Hole AMPS Balls
    (1x) 7cm Carbon Fiber + Kevlar Mounting Arm
    (1x) XL Universal Phone Holder
    (1x) RubiGrid® Base
    (1x) 4-Hole AMPS Balls
    (1x) 7cm Carbon Fiber + Kevlar Mounting Arm
    (1x) DiabloM6 Magnetic Phone Holder
    (2x) Magnetic Plates with Adhesive for phone
    (1x) RubiGrid® Base
    (3x) 4-Hole AMPS Balls
    (2x) 7cm Carbon Fiber + Kevlar Mounting Arms
    (2x) Universal Phone Holders
    (1x) GoPro-Compatible Action Camera Mount
    (1x) RubiGrid® Base
    (1x) 4-Hole AMPS Ball
    (1x) 7cm Carbon Fiber + Kevlar Mounting Arm
    (1x) MagSafe-Compatible Phone Holder
    (1x) RubiGrid® Base
    (1x) 4-Hole AMPS Ball
    (1x) 7cm Carbon Fiber + Kevlar Mounting Arm
    (1x) Wireless Phone Charger with Motorized Cradle
    (1x) RubiGrid® Base
    (1x) 4-Hole AMPS Ball
    (1x) 7cm Carbon Fiber + Kevlar Mounting Arm
    (1x) MagSafe Compatible Wireless Phone Charger
    (1x) RubiGrid® Base

    ✅ 2019+ RAM 1500 (5-inch and 8.4-inch screens only)
    ✅ 2019+ RAM 2500/3500/4500/5500 (5-inch and 8.4-inch screens only)
    ❌ Does NOT fit 2019+ RAM 1500 Classic
    ❌ Does NOT fit 2019+ RAM Trucks (including TRX) with 12-inch touchscreens

    RubiGrid® from Bulletpoint Mounting Solutions

    Built and designed specifically for 2019+ RAM Trucks equipped with 5-inch or 8.4-inch screens, our rock solid all-metal dash mount installs securely into the dash of your truck and provides a solid and reliable mounting point for your devices.

    Is your truck equipped with the 12-inch touchscreen? See here: RubiGrid® Dash Mount for RAM Truck with 12-inch Screen


    What makes RubiGrid® different?


    1. Install the ball mounts on your RubiGrid®
    2. Remove the rubber pad along with the OE screws from your dash
    3. Set the RubiGrid® in place lining up with the existing holes and secure with the same OE screws

      That's it! From here, mount your equipment to create your ultimate setup. 


      The RubiGrid® is fully expandable to use up to 3 AMPS-Style balls so you can mount up to 3 different devices on the same dash mount.

      No pre-set locations. No limits.

      No sliding or slipping ball mount locations like other offerings on the market including rail systems. Each AMPS ball installs with 4 bolts with nylon nuts for a reliable and secure attachment.

      Easily add, remove or change the ball mount location at any time.

      Unfamiliar with AMPS? Find out more here: AMPS Mounts Explained


      Not only is RubiGrid® base perfectly compatible with our lineup of mounts 20mm AMPS mounting balls, it's also compatible with device holders and attachments from other manufacturers. *Please verify ball size required when using parts from other manufacturers.

      Secure your Phone, Tablet, CB Radio, Handheld Radio, GoPro Action Camera, GPS, Tire Pressure Monitoring System. Whatever it is, RubiGrid® can handle it.


      Our Premium RubiGrid® Base is made from Precision, Laser Cut Metal for Extra Rigidity and an OEM-Like Fit in your 5th Generation RAM 1500/2500/3500/4500/5500 equipped with the 5" or 8.4" screen.


      Since the RubiGrid® Dash Mount installs using the OE screw holes, the result is a rock solid base.

      Also included is one of our Strong & Lightweight 7cm Carbon Fiber and Kevlar Mounting Arms if you opt for one of our phone holder kits.

      Note: due to the presence of kevlar, the mounting arm has a subtle blue hue in direct light.

      2019+ RAM Truck Fitment
      ✔︎ 2019+ RAM Truck 1500 with 5-inch or 8.4-inch screen
      ✔︎ RAM Truck 2500/3500/4500/5500 Heavy Duty with 5-inch or 8.4-inch screen

      Does NOT fit the following vehicles:
      ✖︎ 2019+ RAM 1500 Classic (2019+ RAM 1500 Classic Phone Mounts)
      ✖︎ 2019+ RAM Trucks with 12-inch touchscreens (2019+ RAM Truck RubiGrid for trucks equipped with 12 inch screen)


      Start with our basic kit and expand as your needs change. Includes everything you need to get started.

      No need to purchase extra balls or device holders.

      Note: While our arms and device holders are interchangeable and compatible with this platform mount, RubiGrid® may not be used in combination with our dual or single ball driver or passenger side bases. Click here to see all RubiGrid®-compatible components.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 521 reviews
      Jason DiCarlo
      fits perfect

      well worth the cost for the ease of installation and look, verses trying to make my own.

      Bryan Sweitzer
      Best mount!!!

      Fits perfectly in my '24 Ram 2500, very secure and looks great!!! Highly recommend!! Great company to deal with!!!

      Ralph Marrone
      Excellent quality and fit for 2019 Ram

      Mounting 7 inch back up camera in 2019 Ram 2500. Wrote email to support team for advise. Alex went way beyond expected with his help. Give him a gold star and raise! Great build. Instructions easy. Even comes with install
      tools and bullet bottle opener.

      Tom Roche
      2023 Ram 2500 - Rubigrid Installation

      I was looking for a decent option for mounting a phone holder. The Rubigrid fit the bill. It was an easy installation. It fits well and it is sturdy. I ended up using existing Ram mounts I had from a previous project.
      Thank You Bulletpoint

      Tony Kiley
      RAM 2500 AEV PROSPECTOR XL & Bullet Point

      It is a great morning solution. I first did one on my wife's TRX and had it for awhile. Them I bought a new truck and decided to do the same system. Love it. On mine though I also bought the multi-switch accessory module to power all of my lights

      Product FAQs

      If purchasing any of our pre-built configurations (except for Base only), you will receive everything you need to securely mount your devices.

      If you opt for the base only configuration or wish to add additional devices to the RubiGrid® base, you will need 1 AMPS ball, 1 mounting arm and 1 device holder. The exception is the action camera mount where a mounting arm is not necessary.

      We have a page dedicating to helping you choose the best phone holder depending on your usage and your phone size: Phone Holder Help

      Our DiabloM6 magnetic phone mount requires a thin metal plate affixed to the back of your phone (even on MagSafe-equipped iPhones).

      Please note that this also prevents Wireless Charging.

      If you require wireless charging, we offer 2 wireless charging options: our MagSafe-compatible Wireless Charger or our Wireless Phone Charger with Motorized Cradle.

      The metal plate features adhesive on the back and must be attached to your phone or case. It may not stick to all phone cases. For example, many silicone cases have non-stick properties that may not work with the metal plate.

      If you have a MagSafe-compatible phone and you do not want to apply the metal plate or you wish to maintain wireless charging functionality, we offer a MagSafe-compatible phone holder.