AMPS Standard Patterns Explained

You may have seen that some of our mounting bases are AMPS compatible but what does that mean exactly?

AMPS 4-Hole Mounting Pattern

The AMPS Pattern is a mounting standard and consists of 4 holes arranged in a rectangular configuration spaced apart 38mm x 30mm.

Lots of device manufacturers use this standard so if you're looking to mount a GPS system that has a mounting base, chances are it uses the AMPS standard.

AMPS 2-Hole Mounting Pattern

In addition to a 4 hole version, there also exists a 2 hole variant.

The 2 hole AMPS pattern is the diagonal portion of the 4-hole pattern so with a little help from the pythagorean theorem, you can calculate the hypotenuse using the dimensions above.

If you want to skip the math, this distance is 48.41mm.

Bulletpoint AMPS Mounts

We do sell both 4-hole and 2-hole AMPS balls.

You can see them here: AMPS Ball with Mounting Plate

AMPS-Compatible Bulletpoint Bases

Here is a list of our current bases that are AMPS compatible.

These bases are not only compatible with the AMPS balls we sell but they are also compatible with many of the 3rd party mounts out on the market which makes our bases extremely versatile and able to accommodate a wide range of mounts.

The mounting options are truly endless and you're able to create a truly customized setup.