AMPS Compatible 20mm Ball with Metal Mounting Plate

Each AMPS Plate and 20mm Ball Joint Assembly comes with Heavy Duty Bolts and Nylon Locking Nuts so you get everything required for a rock solid installation.

Hole locations are in the standard AMPS pattern of 30mm x 38mm (1.181” x 1.496”) so this will mount to anything with the AMPS hole configuration.

The ball size is 20mm and is compatible with our Carbon Fiber + Kevlar Mounting Arms and our GoPro Mount.

Choose between our rectangular 4-hole plate or 2-hole plate depending on your needs.

Bulletpoint AMPS Pattern Standard Dimensions


The base is made from precision laser-cut metal and features a thin rubber strip to help absorb and reduce unwanted vibrations as well as prevent scratching with the mounting surface.

The 20mm machined ball is also made from metal and features grooves to help provide additional friction and grip so your device won't spin or move.


These plate and ball assemblies are fully compatible with our RubiGrid™ Platform Base for the Jeep Wrangler JL and Gladiator as well as our Ford F-Series Mounts.

Shown below is our RubiGrid with Two 4-Hole AMPS Plate & Ball Assemblies to demonstrate what is possible.