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    Device Mounting Solutions for Towing & RVs

    Popular Device Mounts & Components for Towing & RVs

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    Read more about securing your Garmin® devices to a Bulletpoint Mounting Solutions setup: Garmin Compatibility

    Yes! Since our Universal and XL Universal phone holders have a spring-loaded mechanism, they may be a great solution for holding devices that have similar dimensions to a phone (rectangular and thin).

    Confirm compatibility by comparing the dimensions of your device with the allowable dimensions of our universal and XL universal phone holders here: Device Holder Help

    A great option would be our DiabloM6 magnetic holder. This holder features 6 super strong magnets which provide ample holding power to keep your device in place. Please note that you are required to attach a small metal plate to the back of your device (held in place with double sided tape) so be sure your device has sufficient surface area to affix this plate. Shop DiabloM6 Magnetic Holder

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