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    XL Universal Phone Mount Holder for Oversized Bulky Cases


    Our XL Universal Phone Mount Holder is designed to accommodate those extra large phones and bulky phone cases like those by Otterbox® & Lifeproof®.

    Holds oversized phone & case setups that are 3.25" - 4" wide and up to 7/8" thick. Please note this holder will not secure most naked phones without cases. Verify your phone dimensions prior to purchasing.

    Compatible with all of our existing carbon fiber + kevlar mounting arms.

    **Patent Pending**


    This XL Phone Holder is designed for phones that measure between 3.3 and 4 inches in overall width with the case installed.

    Our standard universal phone holder is often the best choice even for larger phones such as the Pro Max models with a basic case.

    Measure your phone setup's width (with case) prior to ordering and refer to the included sizing image to verify that the XL holder is compatible with your setup.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 389 reviews
    david fruth

    Holds large phones well

    Holds my iPhone 12 Pro MAX

    Fits my iPhone 12 Pro Max with a LifeProof case. I tried the smaller holder, the phone barely fit. The XL makes it easier to mount and dismount the phone from the holder.

    Depth good, squeeze meh.

    The deeper mount is good for thicker cases as the standard just barely held my Moto G7 stylus in several styled cases. The extra width helps but it's not as strong since my phone is just a hair over the minimum with case.

    Customer service gets even worse

    Per my previous review, the company responded with a lie, saying I said I used it for 10 months. It was taken out of the box on Monday, 2 days ago. And does not work with my Oversized phone. My initial request specifically said it was bought at Christmas, not installed. I just installed it as I just replaced my stock stereo and could actually mount this. I could not with my previous stereo as I had no mounting screw. In the initial chat, it was short and sweet because it was a chat box, not an email. However, the initial CS response did not ask questions, just immediately jumped to an implied, "Suck it, buy this." So no. It was not used for 10 months. It was owned for that long. And I had intended to just go online and buy the correct size. But, the boyfriend who bought it for me said your customer service was excellent, so I should ask before I spend more money. The rude response is why I left the review. Other people should know that the XL does not fit the Ultra phones and customer service will be rude when asking for options. There were MANY better ways to say, "I'm sorry, we do not exchange."

    Absolute Horrid Customer Service

    I received this as a gift. I mounted this after having to replace the stock stereo. I received the Universal XL as I carry the large phone and he thought the XL would be best. My phone slips right through it. When I reached out to customer service about swapping to the standard Universal, I received essentially, "No, here's the link to give us more money although you've already wasted it on something you'll never be able to use." The XL does not work, at all. The phone wobbles and slips right through. I have no confidence that the standard Universal will be strong enough to hold the Ultra version of phones, as the XL cannot. And, with the rude response received from customer service, I'd rather find something that will actually be guaranteed not to destroy thousands of dollars worth of a phone. Or at least an, "I'm sorry it didn't work for you, and..."

    We’re sorry to hear the XL holder is too large for your phone. To be clear, you messaged us and indicated that you have used the phone holder for 10 months and asked if it was something you could exchange. After 10 months of use, we’re unable to accept a product back and sent you a link to our regular universal holder. We’re sorry you feel this is unfair and unreasonable. We’re offering a solution to the problem.

    If we can be of further assistance please let us know.