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I love the product but unfortunately what I thought would fit didn't....... but on the bright side I have extra parts now

Love it!

This is so much better than my "homemade" attempt at a handheld radio holder. I can already tell this is going to be much quieter and more stable. I only wish there wasn't a mess up with my delivery address so I could have used it last weekend at Jeep Jamboree.

F 150

Easy install. 20 minutes to install. Very happy with the mount and holders. Would recommend this to anyone looking for a great solid mounting setup.

Rock Solid,. No Vibration Distortion.

This is a Rock Solid Mount. Don't settle for Chinese Crap. šŸ’© USA = Quality.

Boat and UTVS

Great product have no problems with the 3 I order for 2 utv and my boat. Holds phone in place.

Solid, stable mount

The Bulletpoint mount is just as advertised: Solid and stable. I was able to install it in less 5 minutes (way less!). I had to adjust the arm and phone position a few times to find a comfortable viewing angle, that wasn't blocking visibility out the wind shield or the Radio display. Once perfect, I used the included wrench/tool to snug the wing nuts down completely.
I'm trying to find a good video on how run a power cable from the arm rest compartment to the dash tray, so the whole look will be clean and buttoned up!

Great product

When I first bought my Ram, my wife joked about the small shelf above the radio. Now that I have installed the mount she likes having her phone mounted on long car rides and the use of space. This mount is solid and fits the space without modification. Great buy and smart use of the space.

Great except for one issue

This mount is great except I probably should have ordered the XL for the otter box case on my iPhone.

Excellent ā˜†ā˜†ā˜†ā˜†ā˜†

Excellent quality!!! *****
I absolutely love them,Fast shipping
Very well made!! Thank you!!

Last Mount Iā€™ll ever need!

Install was super easy and required zero modifications. Couldnā€™t be happier with the purchase. Good bang for the buck!

Donā€™t know how I feel about this company yet

Very happy with how the bracket fit on the dash and also the carbon fiber arms are great, but the magnets are no good Iv already used 2 of them in less then 2 weeks. My recommendation is get the adjustable bracket instead, One major flaw about this company is customer service is very delayed I reached out a couple times on some issues and still havenā€™t received no feedback.

Hello Alex, thank you for taking the time to write a review. It sounds like you are possibly having an issue with the magnetic plates sticking to your phone case. I am sorry you have not heard back from us, but I did search through our emails and did not find anything from you. Could you please be sure you are reaching out to the correct email address?
We can be reached at support@bulletpointmountingsolutions.com and we can help you address this issue.

Good quality, design needs some fine tuning

Everything worked as intended. Does seem to sit a bit deep in the dash well making it tricky to tighten and loosen the base wing screw. Also the adjuster screws could use a few more threads. There is a fine line between loose and the knuckle falling apart.

Love this mount

This is an awesome mount. That has many options. It comes with everything you need to install it in your vehicle. The step by step instructions are easy to follow along and they even offer a customer support number as well.

Very secure on the dash.

Awesome mount! Very secure. I ordered double standard mounts and it just barely fits my 12 pro max with otter box Commuter case. (Not defender) it does not fit my ladies otter box with pop socket. She needs the xl over there.

Works well

Works with my rugged gmr2. Needs some rubber installed it really rattles on rough roads

RubiGridā„¢ Jeep Wrangler JK Platform Dash Mount 2011-2018

Excellent product! Fairly easy to install and looks amazing! I opted to do the easy install with the self-tapping screws, so hopefully it will hold up over time.

No truck

As always great products....I am waiting 7 months now for the truck to use it on...

Perfect for my phone

Great accerry for my truck looks good

Awesome set

Very pleased with the assistance of the customer service when I phoned to purchase. Easy to install and instructions weren't needed, that's how easy. Durable product.

As advertised - no regrets. Would 10/10 buy again

Super solid product, got here quick. Watched a couple install videos and had it up and running in 30 min (once I located all my tools). Installed in 2018 F150. Love it, took it in the back country and donā€™t wobble, vibrate or shake. No regrets.

Finally a solid Mount!

I have been trying all kinds of different style mounts over the years with no luck. Either they are just not designed good enough to support the weight of the phone or they don't hold the phone tight. Finally I have found a rock solid mount that will stand the test of time no doubt. I was nervous at first having to use well nuts since my 22 silverado dash is all one piece. I immediately felt better and this thing is solid. I highly recommend this to anyone who wasted tons of money over the years only to let down to give this mount a go and you will never turn back! Thanks Bulletpoint!

Best mount ever!

I have bought and used several different mounts over the past year. Towing, going off road, and even just traveling down the road with aggressive tire tread, no other mount has held up and given me the results I have been looking for until now. My wife loves the mount as well because she can watch movies and videos on her phone from the mount location without having to hold it, which makes road trips more relaxing and enjoyable for her.

RubiGridā„¢ GMC Sierra + Chevrolet Silverado Dash Mount

Love it

I am really enjoying my cellphone holder since day one

Great piece. Well made.