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    Connectors for Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Arms and Third Party Devices


    Our connectors allow you to configure multiple arms/devices in unique positions to place a device exactly where you want it. Match with our exclusive carbon fiber/Kevlar arms, or connect to your third party devices for the perfect solution.

    20mm to 20mm connector is perfect for connecting two of our arms.

    20mm to 17mmconnector is perfect for adapting a 20mm arm to accommodate a device that uses a 17mm connector. 17mm connections are common on GPS devices, dash cams and some phone/tablet holders.

    • Garmin RV 795 GPS

    20mm to 25mm (1")connector is perfect for adapting a 20mm arm to accommodate a device that uses a 25mm (1") female receiver socket. 25mm connections are common on some GPS devices and backup cameras.

    20mm to 22.4mm connector is perfect for adapting a 20mm arm to accommodate a device that uses a 22.4mm female connector. 22.4mm connections are common on many Furrion brand camera monitors (Vision S5).

    20mm to 15mm connector is perfect for adapting a 20mm arm to accommodate a device that uses a 15mm female connector.

    20mm to 8.5mm connector is perfect for adapting a 20mm arm to accommodate a device that uses a 8.5mm female connector. 8.5mm connections are common on many Garmin Dash Cams including but not limited to:

    • Garmin Dash Cam™ 45 / 46 / 47
    • Garmin Dash Cam™ 55 / 57
    • Garmin Dash Cam™ 65W / 66W / 67W
    • Garmin Dash Cam™ Tandem
    • Garmin Speak™ & Garmin Speak™ Plus

    20mm to 8.5mm Connector for Garmin Dash Cams

    Customers are encouraged to verify socket sizes with third party device makers before purchasing a connector. Please email customer support if you need help determining if your device is compatible.

    Caution: do not overload your mounting base. Excessive length of your overall arm and total load must be considered when using this product. Please email customer support if you have questions about this product.

    Small Part: keep out of reach of children.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 128 reviews
    Blaine Olmstead
    Second purchase, really like the quality of the product

    This is my second purchase. I am very impressed with quality and workmanship of the product. Instructions are pretty easy when installing I recommend this product to everyone.

    Curtis Clayton
    Don’t be like me!

    You the old adage? Measure twice cut once? Order the wrong adapter hopefully I can find a use for it. The furrion camera uses the 22.5mm ball adapter.

    Glen J
    Bulletpoint is a bulletproof purchase

    I bought a dash mount for my Ford F-250. Two 20mm mounts, two longer Kevlar arms, a mount for my iPhone and a holder for my trailer backup cam. Found another vendor to supply a 20mm mount for my TPMS and now all my driving and trailoring needs are at my (and my wife’s) fingertips. Solid mount, simple-enough install with plenty of additional YouTube help. Happy to spend on something that works, and won’t need replacing. Pull the trigger…

    James Myers
    20mm to 22.4 mm connector

    Try as I may (I have tried everything imaginable) this will not fit my Furion 7s monitor. It is just too large by the slightest amount. Will not click into place. I can get a partial “grab” but the monitor falls off if I just touch it. The ball measures an exact 22.4 but won’t fit the Furion.

    Joel Barfield
    Great mount and all connectors, arms u need

    The mount is great, got one connector 20mm x 20.4mm, one ball adaptor to go from arm to 1” mount, and two 4” arms, so total now i have 4 mounts,
    Phone, Back up camera, Garmin gps, and the Insta 360 all on the Bulletpoint Mount,. Easy to mount and add to.
    Very Happy with Bulletpoint and Their Customer service, Joel