Which Device Holder is Right for Me?

Universal Phone Holder FAQs

The best way to determine which one you need is to measure the overall width and thickness of your phone with case.

Our Universal Phone Holder fits devices up to 3.4" wide and 0.5" thick.

Our XL Universal Phone Holder is designed for use with larger phones and bulkier cases. It's compatible with phones that are 3.25" to 4" wide and up to 7/8" thick.

Our XL Universal Phone Holder is designed for larger phones and works with phones that are 3.25" to 4" wide and up to 7/8" thick.

Our Universal and XL Universal phone holders secure your device with the help of a spring-loaded mechanism. One side of the holder expands open and allows you to slide your phone into position.

The holder then securely clamps down on both sides of your phone and keeps it in place.

There are 3 rubber grips on either side as well as where the Bulletpoint logo is to prevent any slippage over rough terrain or big bumps.

Since PopSockets install on the backside of the case, it adds additional thickness to the overall setup.

The short answer is yes. OtterBox cases come in a variety of different sizes. Be sure to measure the overall width and thickness of your phone setup with the OtterBox case installed to see if the Universal or XL Universal phone holder is best for you.

Yes, they are compatible with our universal phone holders. The loop itself doesn't add too much thickness and flattens on contact with the back side of our phone holder.

At 3.3" or 3.4", there is some overlap between our Universal and XL Universal phone holder.

We would recommend going with our XL Universal Phone Holder.

When inserting your phone, make sure to slide open the spring-loaded mechanism enough so that your phone doesn't make contact with the rubber grip on other side.

Repeated contact with the rubber grips on either side can cause them to wear down over time.

We do offer replacement rubber grips for both the Universal and XL Universal Phone Holder at a very affordable price if ever they become damaged. Replacement Rubber Grips

Magnetic FAQs

Our DiabloM6 magnetic phone mount requires a thin metal plate affixed to the back of your phone so this prevents the safe use of Wireless Charging (read more).

The DiabloM6 is not directly compatible with MagSafe equipped iPhones. Our magnetic mounts still require the use of the included metal plate to be affixed to the back of your phone or case.

Although we don't currently offer any MagSafe specific solutions, we have found one that we feel comfortable recommending to our customers. It comes with or without wireless charging, is compatible with our 17mm ball end mounting arm and can be found on Amazon here: 3rd Party MagSafe Solution

To learn how to put together a custom MagSafe mount with Bulletpoint parts, check out our in-depth guide: Create your own MagSafe Mount with Bulletpoint Components

Our metal plate is required when using our DiabloM6 magnetic phone holder. This component provides a strong magnetic connection between your phone and the magnetic holder.

Before installing, clean the surface of your phone or phone case where the plate will be applied.

Next, peel back the adhesive covering and press the plate firmly on the mounting surface.

Allow a few hours for the adhesive to bond properly.

Yes, the metal plate is required to ensure a strong and secure magnetic connection. We do not recommend relying on the MagSafe magnet as it is not as strong and is more likely to lose its connection with our DiabloM6 magnetic mount.

We include 2 metal plates so that you can mount them to 2 devices. You do not need to use both on a single device.