Bulletpoint MagSafe Compatible Phone Holder without Wireless Charging


Secure your phone in place with our minimalistic & super strong MagSafe-compatible phone holder (no wireless charging).


This magnetic phone mount takes advantage of the built-in MagSafe magnets already found in your MagSafe compatible phone/case to provide a strong and secure connection.

Even if your phone is not MagSafe-equipped, we include 2 metal rings that you may stick to the back of your phone / phone case in order to use this phone holder.


Our MagSafe-compatible phone holder features an integrated 20mm ball so it attaches seamlessly to our ecosystem of mounting arms.


iPhone 12 and Newer: If you have an iPhone 12 or newer with MagSafe, you can use the integrated magnet in the phone to secure it to our MagSafe-compatible mount. This method is sufficient for normal daily driving on the streets.

If you take your vehicle off-road or drive over rough terrain often, we recommend applying the included metal ring for even more holding power since it is stronger than the integrated MagSafe magnet.

iPhone 11 and older + Android phones: if you have an older phone that is not MagSafe-equipped or an Android device, it is necessary to secure the included metal rings to the back of your phone or phone case.


It doesn't get any easier than this. Snap your phone into place with the powerful magnets and hit the road. Removing the phone from the holder only requires one hand. 


  • (1) MagSafe-Compatible Phone Holder with integrated 20mm ball
  • (2) Rings with double-sided adhesive

NOTE: this Mag Safe phone holder does not have wireless charging.

Looking for wireless charging? Check out our MagSafe-Compatible Mount with Wireless Charging or our Wireless Phone Charger with Motorized Cradle.

Customer Reviews

Based on 156 reviews
Brandon Proplesch
MagSafe vs DiabloM6 in 2021 GMC 3500

I have both magnetic holders from BulletPoint. I bought the mount with the DiabloM6 thinking I got the MagSafe. It worked well if you want to use the provided thin metal plate in between the phone and case, but then my bedside MagSafe wireless charger wouldn’t work. I decided to keep that for future use and order the MagSafe mount and I’m 100% satisfied. They claim that if you want a stronger magnetic hold then go with the M6 but I placed one of the extra provided MagSafe rings inside my MagSafe case and it provided almost equal magnetic strength to the M6. If you want the MagSafe but are concerned with the strength then just double up on the MagSafe rings inside your case and you won’t be disappointed and it looks great. The kit will come with two extra rings.

Shawn Dunn
Seemingly Perfect

Living in Louisiana, the roads leave a lot to be desired. So the occasional pothole will knock the phone off the holder but outside of that, this is the perfect attachment for my truck!

Mike Alcorta
Magnets, bro!

This mount is a game changer for me. I had the clamp style mount previously (also from BP). It still works great, but I like the convenience of this magnet mount. It works perfectly! Only negative is now I have to get an additional mount for my wife. Thanks a lot, BP. You’re gonna take all my money because of your awesome products.

Random Ram 1500 owner
Great Magsafe holder!

I've had three different holders from BulletPoint. The Magnet one for non-Magsafe. The compression fit and now the Magsafe. This one is the best by far. It took a little getting used to. Just because if I don't line it up right the phone hits the floor. That's my issue and not the product. LOL. I wish they made a generic dash mount for random vehicles. I'd buy one for my wifes Kia and my sons car. DO IT. BUY IT NOW. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TOO. :D

Bryan OToole

This mount holds your phone securely even when going over the roughest roads. I cannot speak for off-roading however I would put my money on this mount holding your phone through anything you can throw at it