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    4-Hole AMPS Metal Mounting Plate with Integrated 20mm Ball + 3x Sets of Installation Hardware


    This 4-Hole AMPS Mounting Plate with Integrated 20mm Ball comes with 3 sets of installation hardware and is perfect for a more customizable mounting solution where a conventional dash tray isn't present.



    When we designed this kit, we had semi trucks, golf carts, lawn tractors and boats in mind. With any of these applications, a sturdy, flat panel or mounting surface allows for the AMPS plate to be securely installed using 1 of the 3 included sets of hardware.


      Each AMPS Plate and 20mm Ball Assembly comes with 3 sets of installation hardware:

      1. (4x) Heavy Duty Bolts, (4x) Nylon Locking Nuts and (4x) washers
      2. (4x) Self-Tapping Screws
      3. (4x) Well Nuts


      For applications where the back side of the mounting surface is accessible, we include 4x M5 bolts, 4x washers and 4x nylon nuts. This is the same hardware used to secure the AMPS balls to our line of RubiGrid® bases. The drilling of 4 small holes is required.

      For applications where the mounting surface cannot be removed or you'd prefer not to remove it, we provide well nuts or self-tapping screws. Both options offer the convenience of not having to remove a dash panel while still providing a secure installation.

      Prefer to use your own hardware? No problem. The mounting holes on the AMPS bases are 6mm in diameter so we'd recommend hardware with a diameter of 5.5mm.


      Hole locations are in the standard AMPS pattern of 30mm x 38mm (1.181” x 1.496”) so this will mount to anything with the AMPS hole configuration.


      The base is made from precision laser-cut metal and features a thin rubber strip to help absorb and reduce unwanted vibrations as well as prevent scratching the mounting surface.

      The 20mm machined ball is also made from metal and features grooves to help provide additional friction and grip so your device won't spin or move. It is directly compatible with our Carbon Fiber + Kevlar Mounting Arms, our GoPro Mount or our line of Stubby Edition device holders if you require a low profile installation.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Kevin M.
      Solid mounting hardware

      I used the Amp to mount my 3rd piece of bulletpoint hardware. I added the iPad mount to hold the iPad I use for my front camera monitor


      Fantastic mounting system