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    Bulletpoint MagSafe Compatible Wireless Phone Charger


    The much anticipated Bulletpoint MagSafe-Compatible Wireless Phone Charger is designed to provide the ultimate mount-and-go experience.

    Lightning fast magnetic attachment and wireless charging all in one!



    Whether you're looking to purchase your very first Bulletpoint system or you already have one, this MagSafe-compatible wireless charger is fully compatible with any of our dash mounts.


    This phone mount is perfect for anyone looking for a MagSafe-compatible wireless charging solution.

    Simply put, this is the strongest magnetic mount we offer with the convenience of fast wireless charging.


    This phone holder is compatible with all MagSafe-equipped iPhones (12 and newer).

    It is also compatible with the iPhone 8 to iPhone 11. These phones support wireless charging but are not MagSafe-equipped. ⚠️ It is necessary to secure the included metal rings to the back of your phone or phone case.

    If you take your vehicle off-road or drive over rough terrain often, we recommend applying the included metal ring for even more holding power (this includes the iPhone 12 and newer). The metal ring creates a stronger connection than the integrated MagSafe magnets.

    For full MagSafe instructions and phone compatibility information, see here: Bulletpoint MagSafe Instructions


    It doesn't get any easier than this. Snap your phone into place taking advantage of the MagSafe magnets and hit the road while your phone charges wirelessly. No more fumbling around with charging cables.


    • (1) MagSafe-Compatible Wireless Charger with integrated 20mm ball
    • (2) Metal Rings with double-sided adhesive
    • (1) USB-C charging cable (40")


    The power supply / port in which the charging cable is plugged into must meet certain requirements. It must be QC2.0 or QC3.0 (Quick Charge) enabled. If your power supply or cigarette adaptor is not Quick Charge-enabled, the wireless charger may not charge properly. For more information, be sure to consult our MagSafe & Wireless Charging page.

    The placement of the metal rings is very important. If not properly located, it could interfere with the charging capabilities of the phone and could cause damage.

    A mounting arm is not included with basic configuration. Make a selection using the dropdown menu if you require a 7cm or 1cm mounting arm or shop our entire range of mounting arms.


    If you regularly take your vehicle off-roading, we strongly recommend using the included metal ring to increase the holding power.

    If you're looking for the ultimate phone holder for off-roading is our Spring-Loaded Universal Phone Holder.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 303 reviews
    Jim Bennett
    Magsafe charger

    Called and was advised that this product might not work with my android phone with a case but I got it anyway to try it. It did charge though the case but the battery got very hot so I would not advise using one. It did stay put on the magnet,so I would say a good product overall just not with android phone with a case.

    IPhone Yes, Galaxy No.

    This worked great with my grandkids' iPhones, but not with my Galaxy 22+ Ultra. I placed the included ring on the back of my Galaxy case. Magnet worked fine. But charging was not enough to keep up with phone drain.

    Highly recommend for iPhones. But may not work with your Android.

    Big fan of Bullet Point mounts. I have a full selection in 3 Jeeps. Best mounting system on the market. Great people.


    Was sent 2 new updated versions to replace the old ones. With these new versions, my systems (Bronco Sport & F250) work awesome. A stand up company!! Thanks!

    Scott C.
    Perfect charger

    This chargers holds the phone in place while charging as it should. Love that I can see my phone and have it charging while driving. I bought a 10 foot cable to run down between window and dash then under the center council to the usb in the arm rest, nice clean look.

    Jeremy Jacobs
    Strong mag

    Nice strong magnet
    Phone stays put even on rough roads.