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    NEW Ford F-Series Phone Mounts are Here!

    January 19, 2021 3 min read 2 Comments

    Bulletpoint Mounting Solutions Ford F-Series Phone Mounts F-150 F-250 F-350

    If you've been following us for any amount time, you know that we made our start in the Jeep community namely with phone mount solutions for the Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator.

    More recently, we expanded our product line to include RAM Trucks which was a natural progression for us since we were staying within the Stellantis (formerly FCA) family of vehicles.

    With this release, we officially announced to the world that we were now catering to the pick-up truck market so naturally we received several inquiries for other vehicle applications including a surge of requests from owners of the blue oval brand.

    After months of research, development and testing, we're proud to announce our newest products have been released for the Ford F-Series Trucks.


    Our dash mount solutions are compatible with the following Ford vehicles:


    When you purchase one of our complete kits we have on offer, you get absolutely everything you need to install and attach 1 phone.

    Unlike other kits on the market, you don't need to keep forking over cash in order to build a kit just to hold 1 device. The value of our complete kits is totally unmatched and you're guaranteed you have everything you need to get started.

    • Rock Solid Laser-Cut Metal Mounting Base with Two Integrated 20mm Balls
    • Installation Hardware
    • One 7cm Carbon Fiber + Kevlar Mounting Arm
    • Your choice of a Universal or Magnetic Phone Mount

    From here, you may opt for an additional mounting arm combo like our Universal Phone Mount Combo or Magnetic Phone Mount Combo to occupy the second 20mm Ball Position which is located perfectly for the passenger or go for our Tablet Holder.


    Like all of our kits, it starts with a solid mounting base.

    In the case of our Ford mounts, we opted for a laser-cut stainless steel platform style base which installs into the center dash tray.

    Installation requires the removal of the dash panel and drilling of 4 holes which results in a truly rock solid integration.

    The platform itself comes equipped with two integrated 20mm balls which allows you to easily add up to 2 devices.

    However, there is the possibility for a 3rd mounting point which means you can hold up to 3 devices using our mounting platform.

    The 3rd position is designed specifically for use with an AMPS Pattern Mounting Plate.

    The location of this 3rd mounting point on our platform is creatively integrated in the center of the base where our laser cut logo resides.

    So even if you choose not to run an AMPS mount in this area, you aren't left with 4 ugly holes.

    Not familiar with AMPS? Read on.


    The AMPS hole pattern is an industry standard hole configuration which consists of 4 holes precisely spaced in a rectangular arrangement measuring 1.181” x 1.496” (30mm by 38mm) apart.

    So what does this mean for you?

    Essentially, having an AMPS compatible mounting point on our F-Series platform not only allows you to use our AMPS Plate with Integrated 20mm Ball but it also allows you to run a number of other 3rd Party mounts that use the AMPS pattern.

    3rd party mounts such as radio or tablet holders for example.


    Our mounting arms give you the freedom and flexibility to dial in your ideal placement and angle of your devices.

    You can quickly and easily move them around thanks to the integrated thumbscrews located on the end couplers.

    Plus, the arms are both functional and look great.

    The Carbon Fiber + Kevlar construction makes them both lightweight and sturdy which contributes to minimizing movement of your devices even over rough terrain.


    This is the final component of our solution. You have the choice between our Spring-Loaded Universal Phone Holder, XL Universal Phone Holder or our DiabloM6 Magnetic Phone Holder.

    Choose the universal holder for the ultimate grip on your device which is especially useful over rough or rocky terrain. This is the choice for construction workers and off-roaders and is compatible with a wide variety of phones.

    Choose our DiabloM6 Magnetic Holder if you're looking for the ultimate daily driver, lightning fast phone mount.

    UPDATE: additional phone holders now available including MagSafe and wireless charging.


    If you're interested in learning more about our Ford F-Series Phone Mounts, be sure to check out our product pages for more info about each individual mount by clicking the image below.

    2 Responses

    Joe Foley
    Joe Foley

    January 22, 2024

    Just received my items for my 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport and got them installed and love it .

    Michael Sullivan
    Michael Sullivan

    January 20, 2021

    Perfect I was waiting for this upgrade. Thank you.

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