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    Metal Series Ford F-150 2009-2014 Dual 20mm Ball Dash Phone Mount (12th Generation)



    Our Platform Dash Mount is designed to place your device in the best position for navigation while driving.

    No need to purchase mounting balls and device holders separately - our kit comes with your choice of a universal or magnetic phone mount which saves you money.

    Comes with everything you need to get up and running.

    Use the integrated second ball to add another phone mount for your passenger, tablet holder, action camera mount or other device.


    Modular base design features third mounting location concealed within our Bullet Flag logo in the center of the base.

    Easily add a third mounting position using an AMPS Ball (sold separately) or any other 3rd party accessory that uses an AMPS mounting plate.

    Unfamiliar with AMPS? Find out more here: AMPS Mounts Explained

    2009-2014 F-150 Truck Fitment
    This Rock Solid Phone Mount is built specifically for your 09-14 Ford F-150 Pick-Up including the Raptor for an OEM-like fit.

    PLEASE NOTE: Requires removal and minor drilling of the top dash panel/tray. Includes all necessary hardware for installation.

    Our Premium Phone Mount Base is made from Precision, Laser Cut Metal for Extra Rigidity and Strength. Your F-150 deserves this level of toughness and quality.

    The Strong Carbon Fiber and Kevlar Arm with 20mm Ball Mount resists bending and attaches to your choice between Universal or Magnetic Phone Mount to securely hold your device in place.
    Note: due to the presence of kevlar, the mounting arm has a subtle blue hue in direct light.

    We give you the choice of 2 installation options depending on your needs.

    Option #1 is for light to medium duty and requires no drilling and no dash removal. Simply use the OE screw holes found at the front (toward the windshield) of the dash tray, automotive tape underneath our metal base and two self-tapping screws at the rear of the base.

    Option #2 is for heavy-duty use. Requires removal of the dash tray/speaker and drilling of two holes in addition to using the 2 existing screw holes towards the front.

    You can always start with Option 1 and go to Option 2 at a later point.

    Use your iPhone or Android device for hands-free calling, GPS navigation, or to provide live content to your social media followers that's both steady and safe.

    Buy with confidence knowing that you're backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty.


    • Sturdy Metal Mounting Base with two integrated 20mm balls
    • All the necessary installation hardware
    • (x1) standard 7cm Carbon Fiber + Kevlar Hybrid Mounting Arm  (included with the universal or magnetic kit)
    • (x1) Phone Holder (choose between our Universal, XL Universal or DiabloM6 Magnetic Phone Mount (included with the universal or magnetic kit)

    Base-Only Option

    You may opt for just the Dual Ball Base and customize from there (no mounting arms or device holders are included with the base only configuration).

    NOTE: if you select a dual device configuration (2 phone holders), you will receive 2 mounting arms.

    Our DiabloM6 magnetic phone mount requires a thin metal plate affixed to the back of your phone. Please note that this also prevents Wireless Charging. The DiabloM6 is not directly compatible with MagSafe equipped iPhones. The metal plate may not stick to all phone cases. For example, many silicone cases have non-stick properties that may not work with the metal plate.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 208 reviews
    Awesome phone mount

    This guy is locked in solid, you don't have to worry about it sliding or bouncing or moving anywhere. Easy to install and when you put your phone in it, it's there until you take it out.


    I drive off road with my f150 all the time this holds the phone solid in place without issue!!

    Scott Burke
    Superior Product

    Absolutely the best product out there in regards to engineering, construction, flexibility and appearance. I prefer a magnet mount, and the options for this were exceptional. I've been frustrated in the past since I had to sacrifice wireless charging if using a magnetic mount, but this one is super strong while allowing wireless charging. I've also been frustrated trying different mounts to fit my truck layout. The sticky bottom ones come loose in extreme heat and humidity, so I ended up with a windshield mount on a suction cup. This allowed me to move my phone closer and out of the windshield on a much sturdier mount.

    Willis Ponds
    Great mounting system!

    This is a very nice kit and includes great instructions and all that you need to install it. It gives two different methods of installation and I chose the heavy duty method. This requires drilling a couple holes through the plastic tray but that was easy. They included the drill bit so you didn't have to find that. One thing to note. I ordered a phone cradle from a different company and it came with a 1" ball mounting system. This Bullet Point base comes with a 20mm ball which is smaller. There are different parts you can buy from Bullet Point to make their 20mm ball work with other company's 1" ball systems. I bought the adapter and will use that when it arrives. In the mean time I thought I would just add a 1" ball mount onto this bracket and proceeded to try to drill it. I found out that this is actually stainless steel! Stainless is notoriously difficult to drill and I experienced that difficulty. So, I would recommend that if you need to add different mounting systems then upgrade to the Bullet Point Rubi-Grid mount. Otherwise, if you buy this Metal Series with the 20mm balls then just be good with the ball size. Don't try to drill it!

    Awesome product!!

    This is the way gear should be made! Excellent manufacturing and perfect fit. Solid!!