Matte Color Carbon Fiber Mounting Arms

Add a pop of color to your command center with our Color Matte Carbon Fiber Mounting Arms.

Our Matte Finish Color Carbon Fiber mounting arms provide industry-leading stability and durability. Gain total control over where to position your devices thanks to the integrated thumbscrews.

20mm Compatibility

For use with any of our device holders including:

Includes aluminum attachment couplers on each end with thumbscrews designed for use with 20mm ball attachment points (excludes 7cm arm with 17mm ball end which features 1 coupler).

How to Build a Kit

To build your own Customized Command Center with our Colored Carbon Fiber Mounting Arms, you must select a base, mounting arm and device holder.

Most kits use a 7cm mounting arm but every vehicle and application is different.

If you need any help or assistance, please reach out to our support team:

bulletpoint mounting solutions color matte carbon fiber kevlar mounting arm color spectrum

Important Notes and Information

While we make every effort to ensure consistent color between batches of our colorful carbon fiber mounting arms, there may be a slight variation between arms purchased at different times or in different lengths.

Looking to connect multiple mounting arms? Our elbow connectors can help do that: Elbow Connectors

The Matte Black mounting arm is NOT the same as our original Carbon Fiber + Kevlar Mounting Arms.

NOTE: 20cm arms are not designed or recommended for use in vehicles and are not eligible for return.

Arm Size Arm Length (cm | in) Total Length (cm | in)
Xtra Long 20cm | 7.9" 28cm | 11"
Long 10cm | 3.94" 18cm | 7.1"
Standard 7cm | 2.75" 15cm | 5.9"
Short 4cm | 1.57" 12cm | 4.7"

Customer Reviews

Based on 316 reviews
Stormy Winters
Awesome Jeep mount!

I bought this after going through several other mounts. The Bulletpoint mount holds my phone exactly where I set it and doesn't move unless I move it, even off road! Love it!

Casey Allen
Works great with my Black Opps phone case

I waited 6 months before I wrote a review. Im happy that I finally found a firm quick and easy phone holder that fits my thicker phone case. I used the wrench they gave me to lock it in place, Now I can tap on my phone as hard as I want and don’t have to worry about my phone falling out. Mounts perfect, the holes line up to my Rago Fabrication Center Console Molle I bought for my 04 4Runner. A little expensive but worth it.
•make sure you use the wrench to tighten where you want it. If it ain’t tight it ain’t right.

Great phone mount

Looks great in my truck. Was worried I wasn’t getting long enough ones, but they turned out perfect!

Great mount, need more info….

The mount is amazing. Strong and sexy. Hold whatever I need to have accessible at the time. Only issue was I bought three ball sockets, three carbon fiber red arms and three different accessory holders but I can only use two at a time. If I install three, there’s no room to install the mount to the dash. If I mount it to the dash first, there’s no room to mount the ball sockets.

Janine Timmons

Woohoo! Finally found a phone holder for my Jeep that is worthy for securing my phone no matter the terrain.