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    Summer Adventures Await: 6 Towing Setups to Fuel Your Road Trip Dreams

    May 31, 2024 5 min read

    Summer Adventures Await: 6 Towing Setups to Fuel Your Road Trip Dreams

    With summer just around the corner, it's time to start planning those unforgettable road trips. The open road, the scenic routes, and the freedom to explore new places — there's nothing quite like it. To make your adventures even better, we’re showcasing six towing setups that will have you itching to pack up and hit the road.

    Imagine cruising down a sun-drenched highway, your camper in tow, ready for whatever the journey brings. Whether you're a seasoned road warrior or planning your first big trip, the right gear can make all the difference. That’s where our versatile dash mounts come in, perfect for securing all your essential devices.

    We offer an array of device holders for phones, tablets, action cameras, radios, and more. Our dash mounts are designed to be incredibly adaptable, allowing you to mount all of your essential devices with ease. This summer, get creative with our range of connectors and adapters that make it simple to secure any device you need on the go.


    Before we get into our 6 customer-submitted setups, here are a few of our favorite adventure-inspired mounts & accessories.

    Multi-Purpose Mount for Action Cam or TPMS Monitor: Did you know you can use our GoPro-compatible action camera mount to hold a TST tire pressure monitor? Keep an eye on your tires or capture the stunning landscapes of your journey. Grab two and do both!

    Reverse like a pro with our Backup Monitor Mount
    : Ensure safety and convenience with our our specialized backup monitor mount with a t-slot, perfect for those tight reversing spots at the campground.

    Quick Attachment with our DiabloM6 Magnetic Holder
    :Got a device with a flat back? Stick our metal plate to it and use the DiabloM6 magnetic holder to keep it secure and accessible on your dash. Plus, you can quickly remove your device when not in use to keep it out of sight from prying eyes.

    Customize your Command Center with RubiGrid® Dash Mounts
    :Our RubiGrid® mounts feature a grid-style platform, making it easy to attach not only our own AMPS balls but third-party brackets and mounts too. A RubiGrid® dash mount is perfect for those who need to customize their dashboard space. 

    Navigate Better with our Tablet Holder
    :Don't get lost again! Secure your tablet with our Tablet Holder which attaches to any of our standard mounting arms. Have it perfectly positioned so you can safely check your route or glance down at the trail map.

    Radio and Communication Devices
    :Stay connected with our range of radio holders designed to hold CB radios, handheld radios, walkie-talkies and other communication devices, ensuring you're always in touch no matter how remote your destination.


      With the open road calling, it's the perfect time to gear up for your next adventure. Our customers have shared some of the most innovative and practical setups using our versatile mounts. From tire pressure monitors to action cameras, here are some inspiring ways our products can elevate your travel experience:

      SETUP #1

      Name: Ed Mcdonald

      Review: "We recently purchased a new travel trailer and needed a better mounting solution for the Tire Pressure Monitoring System and Backup Camera displays in my 2018 F150. Bulletpoint provided a rock-solid solution that exceeded our expectations. Now, everything is perfectly positioned in my line of sight, stays securely in place, and looks fantastic. 

      I was so impressed that I bought another unit for my wife’s 2024 Nissan Frontier. Installation was a breeze in both cases, with all necessary components included. Bulletpoint’s mounting systems truly enhanced our driving experience, making our travels safer and more enjoyable."

      Products shown:

      SETUP #2

      Name: Mikey B.

      Review: "I bought this for my GPS, TPMS, and Rear camera for my Fifth Wheel. They attach and detach easily and look great. They are much more functional sitting lower vs. on the windshield.

      Plus, I don't have cords everywhere. The Carbon fiber arms look great, too."

      PS: if you're looking to clean up your charging cables, check out our Cable Management Kit.

      Products shown

      SETUP #3

      Name: Nathan Ardle

      Review: "It was easy to pop the well out of the Tundra and attach this mount to that well. It's working well as a mount for my rearview camera for our travel trailer."

      Products Shown

      SETUP #4

      Name: Dave B.

      Review: "For my 2019 Ram 2500, the Bulletpoint crew provided an excellent suggestion for mounting my TPMS screen. It's perfect for monitoring our travel trailer tires; my "co-pilot" can easily watch it from her seat. Both the TPMS and phone mount are secured on their form-fit-function dash mount, with a long arm for the phone to keep it low and prevent blocking the windshield and screen. Everything is easily within reach of the steering wheel. The system is fantastic and has made our travels much more convenient and enjoyable!"

      Products shown

      SETUP #5

      Name: Ed Brand

      Review: "I used the GoPro mount to hold my trailer TPMS monitor and it works like a champ! I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. The setup is sturdy, functional, and has greatly improved my monitoring system."

      Products shown

      SETUP #6

      Name: Steve Lancaster

      Review: "Upgrading my truck with this mount has been the best decision. The installation was solid and straightforward, and the arm tightened securely to prevent any movement during travel. I used the GoPro mount for my trailer camera monitor and it’s perfect for us. I highly recommend this mount system for its durability and ease of use."

      Products shown


      We hope these setups have inspired you to take that adventure you've been wanting to go on.

      If you need help customizing your adventure command center, the team at Bulletpoint is ready to help. Contact us to help build your custom setup.

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