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    Customer Spotlight: Dan Nelson & his Jeep Gladiator

    April 22, 2024 4 min read

    Customer Spotlight: Dan Nelson & his Jeep Gladiator

    In this Customer Spotlight, we dive into the world of Dan Nelson, better known as Arctic Mojave, and his captivating journey with his Jeep Gladiator. From rugged adventures to creative pursuits, Dan's story is one of passion, customization, and boundless exploration.

    Dan's Love for Jeep

    For Dan, the Jeep Gladiator represents more than just a vehicle—it's a canvas for customization and self-expression, reminiscent of adult Legos. With an eye for blending style and functionality, he's transformed his Gladiator into a reflection of his adventurous spirit. From its sleek black-and-white palette to the bold pops of orange, each modification speaks volumes about Dan's personality and his love for the great outdoors.

    Yet, perfection eludes even the most meticulously crafted creations. Dan's main gripes lie with the Jeep’s limited motor options and persistent wind noise. Many enthusiasts, including ourselves, would undoubtedly appreciate the option to equip the Gladiator with a powerful 392 Hemi engine.

    Gladiator Build and Modifications

    Dan's Gladiator boasts impressive modifications tailored to enhance functionality and style. Highlights include a customizable bed rack system that seamlessly integrates with his retractable tonneau cover and rooftop tent, providing ample storage options. Recent upgrades include AlphaRex Nova series headlights and the iKamper mini 3.0 rooftop tent, further elevating his off-road experience.

    Here's a comprehensive list of his epic Gladiator build:

    • Bulletpoint Mounting Solutions RubiGrid® dash mount
    • @ernies.customshop for all installations
    • iKamper Skycamp 3.0 Mini
    • Revolution Gear & Axle 4.88 gears
    • Quadratec
      • Internal Stealth Light Bar Gen II
      • Lynx Trail Gunner 17" wheels
      • Roof Rack
      • Tactik Hood Latches
      • Tube Doors
      • Aluminum Brute Strength Bumper
      • 10K Stealth Winch Synthetic Rope
      • Tactik windshield protector
      • Flashlight and flashlight holder
      • Res•Q recovery gear 
    • Nitto 37x12.50R17 Ridge Grapplers
    • Alpha Rex NOVA-Series LED Projector Headlights
    • KC HiLiTES
      • Flex ERA 3 Ditch Lights
      • Flex ERA 1 reverse light kit
      • Dual Mode SAE Fog Lights 
      • 28” Chase Light-bar 
    • DV8 Offroad Rock Rails and Front + Rear Inner Fenders
    • Putco Inc Sky View Panel
    • Elev8 Off Road Control Arms
    • Quake LED Smoked DRL Fender Chop 
    • Xtrusion Overland Bedrack
    • Thin Skinz Rear interior door skins
    • Z Automotive Programmer
    • GPCA Grab Handles
    • LBdesignworks Decals
    • DMOS Pro Shovels Foldable shovel and Mount
    • Rugged Ridge Retractable Tonneau Cover 
    • Stinger HEIGH10 Center Console Display and Subwoofer

    Reflecting on Past Rides

    While the Gladiator holds a special place in Dan's heart, he fondly reminisces about his previous vehicle, a 2015 Triumph Scrambler 900 motorcycle. This dark matte green cafe racer served as his escape, offering moments of solitude and freedom on the open road.

    He still longs for his motorcycle and parted with it to make way for the Mojave. Conversations with Dan hint that another bike may find its way into his future plans. We tend to agree that a combination of the Gladiator and a motorcycle would make for an unbeatable fleet.

    Why Bulletpoint Mounting Solutions?

    Dan relies on Bulletpoint Mounting Solutions for his device mounting needs, specifically the RubiGrid® dash mount with MagSafe-compatible wireless phone chargers. Its low profile and versatility complement his Jeep's interior, allowing him to easily capture off-road adventures. The matte orange carbon fiber + kevlar mounting arms perfectly match the Mojave’s orange accents, resulting in a customized yet reliable RubiGrid® command center.

    Dan's Role in the Aftermarket Industry

    Dan has become a prominent figure in the aftermarket industry through his Instagram account, @Arctic.Mojave, leveraging his passion for photography to collaborate with various brands. What began as a simple passion has evolved into uncharted terrain where Dan's lens captures the essence of off-road prowess. With over 20 brand partnerships under his belt, his journey is a testament to his unwavering dedication and adventurous spirit.

    Passion for Photography & Video Editing

    Dan's journey into photography was ignited by his Jeep-centric Instagram account, where he sharpened his skills with inspiration from renowned photographers like Peter McKinnon. With a canvas shaped by his background in art and painting, Dan's photography captures visually stunning compositions. His evolution into video editing has transformed into a passion, sculpting stories that resonate with the essence of the great outdoors. As Dan aptly describes it, “Instead of painting with acrylics, I am painting with pixels.” We firmly believe that intentional content creation makes a significant impact, and Dan's work is a testament to that belief.

    Beyond Jeeping

    Dan enjoys off-road adrenaline when he's not behind the wheel, from conquering sand dunes and taking camping trips to watching football and playing golf. Amidst the dust and dirt of off-road escapades, Dan's heart remains anchored to his family, providing the compass for his rugged and fulfilling lifestyle.

    Upcoming Adventures with the Gladiator

    Dan eagerly awaits a series of Jeep events, including Moore Expo's challenging terrain, the sun-drenched sands of Jeep Beach, and the Silver Lake Dunes Jeep Invasion. With trips planned to Indiana, Tennessee, and SEMA, the journey ahead promises unforgettable experiences and endless thrills.

    Follow Dan on Social Media

    For more of Dan's captivating content and adventures, follow him on Instagram (@arctic.mojave), Facebook (Arctic.Mojave), and TikTok. Stay tuned for updates on his upcoming YouTube channel, where he'll continue to share his passion for Jeep and photography with the world. Through customization, photography, and adventure, Dan inspires others to embrace their passions and live life to the fullest, one off-road excursion at a time.

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