Suction Cup Mount 3.5" Diameter with Integrated 20mm Mounting Ball

The fastest and easiest way to mount a device holder to your windshield.

The large 3.5" suction cup surface area gives a great foundation for mounting your devices.

The integrated 20mm mounting ball allows you to easily attach our mounting arms and device holders while giving you the freedom to position everything exactly where you want.

We recommend pairing this suction cup with either a 4cm or 7cm arm and one of our device holders:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Olivia Albright

Purchased this Suction cup for our work van. Suction is great, very pleased with the product.

Daniel Elbers

Had a different suction cup mount that would stay on for a while, but then would lose its suction. After I swapped it out with this one, it felt very sturdy. So far I am very pleased.

Clayton Deppe

Suction Cup Mount 3.5" Diameter with Integrated 20mm Mounting Ball

Robert Christman
awesome suction cup

I've been looking for a great car mount suction cup phone holder and I've owned about ten different ones throughout the years since cell phones became a thing. Even the best ones would loose suction and fall off mid drive sometimes, would bounce and shake regardless of the road conditions or most annoying was getting into the car and seeing a mount on the floor... But THIS. Damn... Its the best suction cup car mount I've ever bought and this will probably be the last one I will ever need to buy. The suctions is comparable to industrial strength mounting. I've built and seen built many car mounts for cinema cameras, some just with plates and bolts and some with multiple suction cups; and this product compares to industry cups almost 1 to 1. Having the option to tool in or out the suction cup strength via thread length is something I haven't seen for any consumer car phone mount. Construction, pot holes, ect... this mount doesn't move unless I unloosen it and move it myself; awesome! I have a Ford Fusion 2014 and the dashboard has very little flat surface, but the cup is large, so it connects firmly even with some concave under it allowing me to apply the suction cup in the perfect place, where other consumer cups have failed over and over again. Highly recommend this suction cup. I also ordered a few arms and ball adapters in case I want to move the cup around or if/when I get a new car with a new dashboard. Plus, I already had a really great magnet head to hold the phone, it just had a crap suction cup and arm. So mixing and matching is totally a viable option. Worth the money, quality material and parts, ease of use, shipped fast, ascetically good looking. Best long term investment I've made in quite some time. Thanks Bluepoint for making sure my entire phone mount doesn't fall mid drive.

Brian I
This thing sucks! (which is great)

I added this to my off road car and drove 600 miles of bumpy offroad and it never loosened or moved. Super happy with it. I would like to see adapters from your clamp system to other brands. I have a wireless charging solution that I'd like to clamp to yours. For now I've had to make my own adapter. Email me if you want to discuss details. I'd buy two!

Hello Brian,
Thank you for taking the time to write a review. Here is the link to our phone holder help guide that has a video and some information on how to make almost wireless charger work with our system. Please feel free to reach out with any further questions.