Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Hybrid Mount Arm - Matte Finish

Our Matte finish Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Hybrid mounting arms provide industry-leading stability and durability. For use with our Universal or Magnetic device holders. Includes aluminum attachment couplers on each end with thumbscrews designed for use with 20mm ball attachment points.

Looking to connect multiple mounting arms? Our elbow connectors can help do that: Elbow Connectors

NOTE: 20cm arms are not designed or recommended for use in vehicles.

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Kyle engberg

Love the matte look, added a 10cm to the stock arm to put the phone in the perfect spot, very clean and well built.

Hector Rodas
Carbon fiber Mount

I'm happy with my mount it's a solid piece it looks great n happy with my purchase

Steve Maningas
Tacoma mount

I love the look and it very clean

Edwin Vazquez
Carbon Fiber arm

The Carbon Fiber arm sticks out to far more than expected 20cm is way longer the 7.875” but even though the stability of the arm are AWSOME. The magnets hold the cellphones very well in place. I RECOMMEND IT 100% Thank you
Edwin from Puerto Rico!

Frank Forcier
Extremely Solid products

First, I was more then satisfied on all the products I received. Your builds are metal and very hard to slip, move, bend, whatever. You tighten down the metal coupling to the metal ball and they’re not going anywhere. I’ve done over 500 off road racing miles going over 100 mph through bumps and rocks and your products never adjusted itself (unlike other parts on my truck, like a swing arm that snapped on my last race). Thank you very much for not going the cheap route with plastic hinges and flimsy balls.
Also, customer service was very easy to work with. The lady picked up right when I called and helped me out without any issues. Thanks again