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    Connector + 1cm Arm "Drop-Down" Kit


    Looking to lower the positioning of your phone holder? Our "Drop-Down" kit includes the 2 necessary components to do so.

    This kit is the perfect addition to any of our complete phone holder kits if you wish to lower the mounting position of your phone below your dash.

    Simply connect the 20mm-to-20mm connector to your existing mounting arm and angle it down. Attach the 1cm mounting arm to the other end. Finish the installation by re-attaching your device holder to the end of the system.

    What's Included?

    • x1 20mm-to-20mm Connector
    • x1 1cm Mounting Arm

    Note: universal phone holder and 7cm mounting arm NOT included. Links to those components below.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 73 reviews

    Absolutely rock solid!

    Tim Preiss
    2024 Ford Super Duty

    The installation went smoothly, I was a little nervous at first about pulling apart the dash and possibly damaging something. I found a picture on your website which showed the panel and speaker cover which I used to determine where to pry. The only problem was that some of the clips fell off and down into the dash cavity. Luckily I had some of the same clips in my supply of miscellaneous auto body clips. Once everything was apart the rest of the installation went smoothly and I took some time to mount items in different places to figure out what would work the best and not obstruct my view out the windshield. I really like the quality of Bulletpoint products. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

    Charlie C
    Perfect for iPhone 14 Pro

    Got this to drop the phone lower and it’s perfect! It’s a must have addition for the Bulletpoint mount.

    Martin Chow

    The drop-down extension was exactly what I needed to move my large phone out of the way. The quality of the product is just like the regular arm: sturdy, solid. I'd certainly recommend this extension from Bulletpoint.


    Great product everything works great and best of all it made in USA! And they are in my state also. Great service also