Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Hybrid Mount Arm - Matte Finish

Our Matte finish Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Hybrid mounting arms provide industry-leading stability and durability. For use with our Universal or Magnetic device holders. Includes aluminum attachment couplers on each end with thumbscrews designed for use with 20mm ball attachment points.

Note: our Mini 1cm arms are made from aluminum and not from Carbon Fiber/Kevlar.

Looking to connect multiple mounting arms? Our elbow connectors can help do that: Elbow Connectors

🌈 Looking for our Matte Color Arms? Matte Color Carbon Fiber Mounting Arms

NOTE: 20cm arms are not designed or recommended for use in vehicles.

Arm Size Arm Length (cm | in) Total Length (cm | in)
Xtra Long 20cm | 7.9" 28cm | 11"
Long 10cm | 3.94" 18cm | 7.1"
Standard 7cm | 2.75" 15cm | 5.9"
Short 4cm | 1.57" 12cm | 4.7"
Mini 1cm | 0.4" 9cm | 3.54"

Customer Reviews

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Carbon Fiber Mount Arm

The arm worked out perfectly. I couldn't get the exact length I needed, so I purchased the longest one and cut the carbon fiber tube to the required length, carefully with a very fine hacksaw blade. The metal piece in the end of the tube was fairly easy to extract from the cut end. Take off the clamp, heat the cut end with a heat gun (or blow dryer), and pull the end piece out with a padded pliers. I broke the cut end of the tube in the process but it was waste anyway so who cares. Glue the end piece into the cut end of the correct length tube with super glue, let it dry thoroughly, put the clamp back on, and you're good to go.

I'm sure this is an unsupported hack and voids any warranty or return but the perfect positioning of my RV camera monitor was worth it. The quality of the arm and clamps are first rate and it holds position very well.

Tim in NJ
Great phone mount, only one you need

I bought Ram dashmount and decided I wanted the shorter arm. First off, the dashmount is awesome, sturdy, easy to install and perfectly designed to fit with ease. Once you get the phone right where you want it (infinite combinations you can try with the ball joints) you use the tightening tool for the position adjustments to make sure there is solid connection, your phone will stay right where you want it. The longer arm is the right choice if you want to move the phone a little closer to you but I wanted it right up against the dash and the shorter arm I ordered was a perfect high quality part just like the original.

Clint Cobb
Solid and woks great!

The installation was easy and its not going anywhere, within reason.
It my be petty on my part but is would have made this mount look more finished if there were caps on the ends.
Aside from the open ends, I am very pleased and it is very functional.

Perfect fit

The 7cm arm is a perfect fit for my 2021 F150. Even my wife was impressed with the appearance of the carbon fiber. The mounts are rock solid and Bulletpoint includes all of the necessary hardware, with tools!

Solid product

Great product, well made, packaged, and exactly as described.