AMPS Base + Mounting Arm + Device Holder Kit

Looking to mount your phone, tablet or action camera to a RubiGrid™ system or to any flat and sturdy surface? This is the perfect solution for you.

At the foundation of these kits is our highly versatile Patent Pending AMPS base with integrated 20mm ball. These can be mounted to any of our RubiGrid™ bases, any AMPS-compatible 3rd party base or even directly to the mounting surface.

Each configuration includes the following components:

  • 4-hole AMPS ball with hardware
  • 7cm carbon fiber + kevlar mounting arm (excluding GoPro bundle)
  • Device holder

Make your selection from the dropdown menu.

**Patent Pending**

AMPS Compatible

Unfamiliar with the AMPS system?

The AMPS Pattern is a mounting standard and consists of 4 holes arranged in a rectangular configuration spaced apart 38mm x 30mm.

Learn more: AMPS Standard Explained


Included Installation Hardware

For applications where the back side of the mounting surface is accessible, we include 4 M5 bolts, 4 washers and 4 nylon nuts. This is the same hardware used to secure the AMPS balls to our line of RubiGrid™ bases or any of our AMPS-compatible dual ball dash mounts that has an optional center mounting position.

For all other applications, you must source your own installation hardware. The mounting holes on the AMPS bases are 6mm in diameter so we'd recommend hardware with a diameter of 5.5mm.

Looking for something else?

If you're looking for shorter or longer mounting arms, our matte colored carbon fiber mounting arms or other device holders, check out the links below.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Robert Hardy
Easy instal

I picked up the first mount at the smoky mountain Jeep invasion we liked it so well w picked up two of the Amps Base +Mounting Arm+ Device holder kits when we got home. Easy to install and works great.

Michael Cruse

Needed a mount in my RV. This worked great. Made it handy to view. Especially in Matt view. Love it so far. Easy to install on dash. Everything I needed came with it.