Suction Cup Mount 3.5" Diameter with Integrated 20mm Mounting Ball


The fastest and easiest way to mount a device holder to your windshield.

The large 3.5" suction cup surface area gives a great foundation for mounting your devices.

The integrated 20mm mounting ball allows you to easily attach our mounting arms and device holders while giving you the freedom to position everything exactly where you want.


We recommend pairing this suction cup with either a 4cm or 7cm arm and one of our device holders:

See all of our device holders.

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Rene Villatoro
Rock Solid

I have bought several 3.5 inch suction cups such as ulanzi, Telesin even 4 inch Reygeak. None of them is even close to Bulletpoint. This is really steady even when you turn the AC. I have tested with my 6.5 inch Samsung galaxy and Gopro 11.

Terry Dubois

Really impressed with the design and installation of this window mount. I’ve had other phone mounts that have broke at the base of the suction cup. This design is much better.

Otis Meeks
Awesome product!!

I purchased this cup to hold my cell phone in the heavy equipment that I run. This is the strongest suction cup I have ever used! In the dozer or excavator it never comes loose. Could not be happier!

Capt. m/v Days Like This. Prince William Sound, Alaska
Solid as a rock!

I’m using this windshield mount in leu of the dashboard mount and I am very happy. This thing is big and beefy, and solid as a rock. The whole system is really working well together and this mounting base gives me many options for placement. Love it!

Timothy Ryan
Solid mount

I first purchased a mount system for my Gladiator. It was received very well by my wife. The new problem was she now wanted to mount her phone in the auxiliary car as well. It being 20 years old, a mounting system isn't made for it. So without any modifications, the suction cup mount is the perfect solution. It is rock solid. The mount remained on the glass and along with the magnetic mount the phone remained in view driving on dirt roads.

This encouraged me to try it in my hunt truck. This is my second suction cup mount . I am willing to drill into my dash for a more permanent solution, but so far this mount is holding up in the hot and cold weather. I'm keeping it simple with the suction cup mount.. I did get a bolt on mount with the magnetic adapter for the golf cart.