Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Hybrid Mount Arm - Matte Finish


Our Matte finish Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Hybrid mounting arms provide industry-leading stability and durability. For use with our Universal or Magnetic device holders. Includes aluminum attachment couplers on each end with thumbscrews designed for use with 20mm ball attachment points.

Note: our Mini 1cm arms are made from aluminum and not from Carbon Fiber/Kevlar. Due to the presence of kevlar, the mounting arm has a subtle blue hue in direct light.

Looking to connect multiple mounting arms? Our elbow connectors can help do that: Elbow Connectors

🌈 Looking for our Matte Color Arms? Matte Color Carbon Fiber Mounting Arms

NOTE: 20cm arms are not designed or recommended for use in vehicles.

Arm Size Arm Length (cm | in) Total Length (cm | in)
Xtra Long 20cm | 7.9" 28cm | 11"
Long 10cm | 3.94" 18cm | 7.1"
Standard 7cm | 2.75" 15cm | 5.9"
Short 4cm | 1.57" 12cm | 4.7"
Mini 1cm | 0.4" 9cm | 3.54"

Customer Reviews

Based on 502 reviews
Erich Nicholson
7cm arm mount

These are a life saver , no movement what so ever , your products are absolutely the best out there.
Sorry don't have a picture at this time but I'll be buying more stuff soon .

Martin Marquez
Excellent project

These hold super tight. I’ve never had a mount that holds so well and is so secure. There is no falling off the window or falling out of the fan vent or anything. This is 100% secured.

Have 2

I have 2 in my 2023 bronco. The one installed on the passenger side could stand to be longer for the phone to clear the dash. The one on the driver side is perfect

Kevin Wines
Customer service five stars

I purchased a whole set up in December 2022. Two phone mounts, a base and the arms. In May 2023 one of the arms came loose on the clue. I sent a couple pictures in and they sent me out a brand new one. Ever since then everything’s been perfect. Customer service is awesome!

Customer Service Rating

I use this a lot and it broke over 2 years of continuous use. They sent me a new one no questions asked. I highly recommend this product and company.