Suction Cup Mount 3.5" Diameter with Integrated 20mm Mounting Ball

The fastest and easiest way to mount a device holder to your windshield.

The large 3.5" suction cup surface area gives a great foundation for mounting your devices.

The integrated 20mm mounting ball allows you to easily attach our mounting arms and device holders while giving you the freedom to position everything exactly where you want.

We recommend pairing this suction cup with either a 4cm or 7cm arm and one of our device holders:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Ronald Nickel
Great option

The suction cup is a great option. I have multiple Bulletpoint phone holders and this one gives me the option I need when I travel. It’s the best portable phone holder I’ve purchased.

Joe Hrovatic

The cup, extension arms, and connectors are the most structurally sound you'll ever find produced.

Tim Perkins
Excavating company owner

Mounted this on a small window in my excavator. It makes it were you can keep it in a secured area and also take phone calls while still working the machine. After a 10 hour shift it stays secure all day.

Scott Fisher
Suction cup

It's by far the best suction mount I've use along with the equipment I have and use.

kim pedersen
Super Sturdy

Suction Cup Mount 3.5" Diameter with Integrated 20mm Mounting Ball is the best I've ever used.