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    Switch Pros SP9100 Switch Panel Mount with 20mm Ball


    (1x) Switch Pros SP9100 Switch Panel mount with 20mm Ball
    (1x) Switch Pros SP9100 Switch Panel mount with 20mm Ball
    (1x) 7cm Carbon Fiber + Kevlar Mounting Arm
    (1x) Switch Pros SP9100 Switch Panel mount with 20mm Ball
    (1x) 1cm Aluminum Mounting Arm

    ✅ Switch Pros SP9100 switch panel
    ❌ Does NOT fit Switch Pros RCR-FORCE® 12 switch panel

    Looking to secure your Switch Pros SP9100 Switch Panel to your Bulletpoint Mounting Solutions dash mount? This is the device holder for you!

    This all-aluminum device holder is designed specifically to secure your SP9100 Switch Panel. It features laser cut holes which allow the bolts and communication cableon the back side of your SP9100 unit to slide through. Finish securing it with the nuts included with your SP9100 Switch Panel.

    The full coverage mounting plate provides a superior level of stability and features RubiGrid®-inspired slots that complement any RubiGrid® dash mount.


    20mm Mounting System

    This Switch Pros device mount features an integrated 20mm mounting ball making it perfectly compatible with any of our mounting arms with 20mm socket ends (sold separately).

    That means if you already have one of our bases and mounting arms, this Switch Pros SP9100 mount can be easily integrated to your existing setup.

    Low Profile Version

    Looking for a low profile installation? We offer another version of our Switch Pros SP9100 mount but with a 20mm connector end - no mounting arm necessary!

    Looking to mount a different Switch Pros Device?

    We make mounts for other Switch Pros products. Check them out below:

    Important: no installation hardware is included. You must reuse the nuts and bolts included with the Switch Pros switch panel.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      It worked but needs tuning

      Worked for mounting my switch pros but there were two problems with it. The hole for the wiring connector wasn't big enough to slide the connector through on the back side so i had to enlarge it. Also the flag on the mount ended up being upside down. It would have been nice to have a hole in the base to slide the wiring connector through as well. I feel like this product needs some refinement for mounting a switch pros but overall i am satisfied because it got the job done.

      Need to borrow my switch pros?

      Mount does not fit the connector through unless you have the correct tools to remove the connector from the switch pros. Had to cut the mount to allow the connector to fit. Guess I’ll have ti send them my switch pros to have a second version of this mount.