Well Nuts 4-Pack with Drill Bit


For some vehicle applications, removing the dash panel can be a long and complicated process or it is simply not possible to do.

Our well nut 4-pack provides an easy solution to conveniently install one of our rock solid mounting bases without having to remove your dash panel.

Installation Instructions

  1. Set your mounting base in the desired location and mark the 4 hole locations.
  2. Drill 4 holes with the included drill bit
  3. Insert the well nuts into the 4 holes
  4. Line up the mounting base with the 4 well nuts and insert the 4 screws.
  5. Tighten the 4 screws and the well nuts will expand underneath your dash panel to provide a secure mounting location for your base.

Careful not to over-tighten and make sure the selected dash panel is strong enough to support the weight of the system (base, arms, device holders, devices).

Kit Contents

  • 4x Screws
  • 4x Well Nuts
  • 1x Drill Bit

Customer Reviews

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Mark Gregory
Drill bit size

Not a big deal, but kinda deceiving from your website.
The drill bit that came with the well nuts is sized for the screws, not the well nut. What is the recommended drill size for the well nut?