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    Magnetic Mic Holder with 20mm Ball Mount


    (1x) Magnetic Mic™ compatible Mount
    (Magnetic Mic™ NOT included)
    (1x) Magnetic Mic™ compatible Mount
    (1x) 7cm Carbon Fiber + Kevlar Mounting Arm
    (Magnetic Mic™ NOT included)
    (1x) Magnetic Mic™ compatible Mount
    (1x) 4cm Carbon Fiber + Kevlar Mounting Arm
    (Magnetic Mic™ NOT included)
    (1x) Magnetic Mic™ compatible Mount
    (1x) 1cm Aluminum Mounting Arm
    (Magnetic Mic™ NOT included)

    ✅ Compatible with Magnetic Mic™
    (Magnetic Mic™ NOT included)

    IMPORTANT: the Magnetic Mic™ is NOT included. This is only for the mount with 20mm ball.

    Keep your comms within reach and securely mounted to your Bulletpoint dash mount with our Magnetic Mic™ compatible holder.

    This all-aluminum holder features an integrated 20mm ball mount and seamlessly attaches to any of our standard mounting arms with 20mm connector ends.



    • No hardware is included to secure the Magnetic Mic™ to our holder. You must reuse the nuts and bolts included with your Magnetic Mic™.
    • We recommend pairing our Magnetic Mic holder with our 1cm, 4cm or 7cm mounting arms. Anything longer may put excessive stress on the ball joints, especially if positioned horizontally.
    • Magnetic Mic™ NOT included.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Stewart Haddad
    Description a little deceiving

    When you first glance over the product, it appears that the magnetic mic is included with the amount. When you’re reading over the description, however, the part where it says, “magnetic mic not included” is hidden way down in the description. Perhaps it would be wise to put that part in with the picture of the magnetic mic. Because when I ordered, I thought I was getting the magnetic mic part too. Then to top it all off, you don’t even sell the magnetic mic part

    Chris K
    Not what I expected

    Read the product description! I thought magnetic mic was Bulletpoint's generic magnet for mics, but actually Magnetic Mic™ is a brand-name product, and not included. I was very confused when I only got a mini AMPS mount, but that's essentially what this is.

    After reevaluating, I don't know why you'd want to buy this mount plus the overpriced Magnetic Mic™. Instead I would just get one of Bulletpoint's DiabloM6 magnets, I suspect that works just as well for less money.

    Joseph Cuddington
    Needs better QC.

    Would be a great piece if the mounting holes lined up with the mag mic and if the bolts weren’t too big for the mag mic as well. Had to go buy bolts that were smaller so I could get them angled through and tightened down. Seems like they should have taken a bit more time to design this one.

    Holes didn’t line up and bolts too big

    Just like the title says, holes didn’t line up and the bolts provided were too big. Shame you have to cobble something together to hold something when there has been so much thought put into this system as a whole. Up your QC game a bit bulletpoint.

    Camron Chroninger
    Works perfectly but....

    Only issue I ran in to is that the screws provided where to big for the magmic. However the screws that came with the magmic worked. All in all this mount worked perfectly for Mt application.