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    Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Hybrid Mount Arm with 17mm Ball - Compatible with Select GPS, Ipad and Wireless Phone Chargers


    The Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Hybrid mounting arm combined with a 17mm aluminum ball is the perfect solution to add your existing electronics to the Bulletpoint Mounting Solutions system.

    This 7cm long arm features a 20mm socket on one end for compatibility with our mounting bases and an aluminum CNCd 17mm ball on the other end.

    Garmin Compatibility

    The following Garmin models are confirmed to be compatible with the 17mm ball end.

    • Garmin RV 780
    • Garmin RV 795 GPS

    Note: due to the presence of kevlar, the mounting arm has a subtle blue hue in direct light.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 91 reviews
    Douglas Ellsworth
    Perfect fit

    I purchased this arm out for my third party cell phone charger. It's perfectly the exact length that I need to let my phone hang above the display screen. The 17 mm ball mount on the end was perfect for the third party phone cradle. Highly recommend if you already have a charger cradle that you like.

    Daryl Faust

    Very sturdy and locks easily in place.

    Darrin Keech
    Well made

    But ball was too big for my charger otherwise excellently

    Great product

    Great product. It is a duller type carbon fiber look. If I had one thing I wish about this item is it would be way more functional if the ball extended out a bit further from the carbon fiber sleeve. I ended up purchasing another adapter to add to this one to hit the correct angle. Other than that its a very good product just like everything I've encountered with this company.

    Tom Singer
    Ball just a hair too small.

    I guess I ordered the wrong size, as the ball clicks in to my Garmin mount, but is too loose to hold the unit in place. I’ll try the bigger ball, and see how this works!