Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Hybrid Mount Arm with 17mm Ball - Compatible with Select GPS, Ipad and Wireless Phone Chargers

The Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Hybrid mounting arm combined with a 17mm aluminum ball is the perfect solution to add your existing electronics to the Bulletpoint Mounting Solutions system.

This 7cm long arm features a 20mm socket on one end for compatibility with our mounting bases and an aluminum CNCd 17mm ball on the other end.

Customer Reviews

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John S
Great Phone Mount

Solid construction and works well!

Jason Spengler
Crossover Design

This mated up very well with my existing iPhone mag holder from Pitaka! Glad to see companies working together to offer compatibility in their systems.

Arm with ball end for GPS mount

The item is the size I needed to mount my Garmin GPS beside my phone. The 17mm ball does fit the Garmin GPS but in the summer heat in Florida the socket loosens up a bit so the GPS moves around real easy. It has not been a big problem even on rough roads but when I make entries on the GPS I have to readjust it after and sometimes have to hold it while making address entries. Not the fault of the Bullet Point mount, it is solid, the GPS plastic is what swells up in the heat.

GPS mount.

I was so impressed with the phone mounting system that I bought an extra arm with the 17mm ball for my GPS.
It was a good move, no more Garmin sliding around my dash!

Tom McCormick
Very Happy

Very Happy with Bullet Point mounting products this is my 2nd truck I have installed it their products in