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    Bulletpoint Picatinny-Style Rail Attachments for RubiGrid® Dash Mounts (various sizes)


    (1x) 3.7 inch Picatinny Mount
    (1x) Picatinny 20mm Ball Mount
    (1x) 6 inch Picatinny Mount
    (1x) Picatinny 20mm Ball Mount

    Are you looking to make your already flexible and highly customizable RubiGrid® dash mount even more flexible? Our Picatinny-Style Rails provide an even quicker and easier device mounting solution without sacrificing strength or rigidity.

    IMPORTANT: Prior to purchasing, refer to our RubiGrid® dash mount compatibility page to confirm fitment with your specific dash mount.

    Our lineup of all-aluminum Picatinny-style rail is compatible with our RubiGrid® dash mounts to provide you with a rail mounting base for your devices.

    The main benefit of adding one of our Picatinny-style rails is the improved convenience of being able to quickly add, change or remove ball mounts without having to remove any part of the RubiGrid® mount.

    Our Picatinny-style Rails allow you to Customize your Command Center even quicker than before!


    • 4.6” long
    • 5.8" long
    • 7" long


    Our Picatinny-style rails are compatible with the following accessories:

    They are not compatible with 3rd party Picatinny mounts or accessories.


    Our Picatinny-style rails may be installed to most RubiGrid® dash mounts (check compatibility) or to any flat and sturdy mounting surface. Mounting hardware is included for both installation methods.

    • 6x Nuts, 6x Bolts and 6x Washers for universal installation
    • 6x RubiGrid® Nuts for RubiGrid® installation

    Note: our Picatinny-style rails are NOT compatible with our AMPS Balls. They use a Picatinny-specific mounting ball. One Picatinny Mounting Ball is included with each Picatinny-style rail. In addition, these Picatinny-style Rail Mounts are NOT compatible with 3rd party Picatinny accessories.

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    This company makes the best damn quality mounts i've ever used

    Picatinny FAQs

    Speed and convenience!

    If you've already experienced our RubiGrid® dash mounts, you'll know how versatile and customizable they can be. However, if you wish to change the configuration of your ball mounts by either adding, removing or modifying the position, there is some disassembly required.

    The benefit of the Picatinny add-on is that once it's installed, you do not need to remove the RubiGrid® mount in order to add, remove or modify the ball positioning. Picatinny-compatible ball mounts are securely held in position with a single screw which takes seconds to loosen or tighten.

    Yes you can! We include the necessary hardware to not only install it to a RubiGrid® dash mount but also to any flat and sturdy panel or mounting surface.

    6 nuts, 6 bolts and 6 washers are included for most custom installations.

    Be sure to check our compatibility page before purchasing.

    Our Picatinny-style rails install with the 6x included RubiGrid® Nuts.

    Our Picatinny Add-Ons come in a range of different sizes. The sizes refer to the overall length of the Picatinny mount.

    You can measure the available space on your RubiGrid® dash mount and pick a size that is slightly less than this length if you wish to maximize the potential mounting space.

    We also have a detailed compatibility page which you can find here: Picatinny + RubiGrid® Compatibility List

    We include 2 sets of hardware for 2 different installation methods.

    Installation method #1 is for RubiGrid® dash mounts = 6x RubiGrid® Nuts

    Installation method #2 is for universal installation to a flat and sturdy surface = 6x nuts, 6x bolts and 6x washers