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    Adjustable Cupholder Phone Mount Single Device Holder


    (1x) Cupholder Device Mount
    (1x) 4cm Carbon Fiber + Kevlar Mounting Arm
    (1x) Universal Phone Holder
    (1x) Cupholder Device Mount
    (1x) 4cm Carbon Fiber + Kevlar Mounting Arm
    (1x) XL Universal Phone Holder
    (1x) Cupholder Device Mount
    (1x) 4cm Carbon Fiber + Kevlar Mounting Arm
    (1x) MagSafe-Compatible Phone Holder
    (1x) Cupholder Device Mount
    (1x) 4cm Carbon Fiber + Kevlar Mounting Arm
    (1x) MagSafe-Compatible Wireless Phone Charger
    (1x) Cupholder Device Mount
    (1x) 4cm Carbon Fiber + Kevlar Mounting Arm
    (1x) Wireless Phone Charger with Motorized Cradle
    (1x) Cupholder Device Mount
    (1x) 4cm Carbon Fiber + Kevlar Mounting Arm
    (1x) DiabloM6 Magnetic Phone Holder
    (2x) Magnetic Plates with Adhesive for phone
    (1x) Cupholder Device Mount

    ✅ Universal

    Looking to securely mount a single device using your empty cupholder? This is the perfect solution!



    Our cupholder mounts feature 3 expandable legs that are controlled at the twist of a knob located on the top of the mount. This means our cupholder mount works with a wide variety of cupholder sizes to ensure a tight and secure fit.

    No fiddling around with additional sleeves to adjust the sizing.

    Not only is it perfect for your car or truck, it can also be used in boats, golf carts, RVs and much more!

    20mm SYSTEM

    The integrated 20mm ball makes it easy to attach any of our mounting arms (Short Arm recommended) and device holders.


    Our mounting arms feature integrated thumbscrews which means our cupholder phone holder is fully adjustable so you can dial in the perfect angle and positioning of your device.

    Note: due to the presence of kevlar, the mounting arm has a subtle blue hue in direct light.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 24 reviews
    Loosening by itself slowly

    I will say that the company did replace the unit unit under warranty, however, the little spinning mechanism that tightens the expansion for the cupholder device keeps loosening itself to the point where I have to keep twisting it to tighten it to make it stay in the same spot. Even if I use both of my hands to engage and disengage the device, it’s still lens just enough to wear over the period of time. I have to keep tightening it over and over again.

    Otherwise, it does serve its purpose, but in my opinion, it’s not worth the money that I spent for it. And I am embarrassed again, yet again, to call the company and complain.

    Well designed!

    I researched many cup holder/ phone mounts. I liked this one because of the ball joints. Limitless positioning!!! Also reading about the materials and carbon fiber arm. I was not disappointed, it’s beautiful and works perfectly. The ease of the mag mount is fantastic. My phone does vibrate a bit in the mount, I’m not sure anything on an arm would not vibrate. I drive a mini so definitely a sporty suspension. But I am very happy with the purchase! And designed where I live, perk.

    Chris C.
    Perfect for my Lexus

    I went from a Jeep to a Lexus IS and didn’t want to get rid of my MagSafe mount. I found this awesome cup holder base and it is awesome! You can tighten it up nice and snug with no movements while driving around. Great option if you are limited for phone mounting areas like I am.

    Anthony Rizco
    Best phone holder I have ever had .

    Very well built strong magnet. Already have had a lot of people asking me aboyt it.

    Cup holder mount

    I’m sure all the other products are good, however, I had to email in a new part for it because it kept breaking. Now the replacement piece has broken. I just assumed for $60 or so for a cupholder phone mount that it will work. I’m going back to quad lock. They did honor warranty but I don’t wanna be that guy that has to call in for a defective cop holder again. Who has time for that?

    Product FAQs

    We have a page dedicating to helping you choose the best phone holder depending on your usage and your phone size: Phone Holder Help

    Our DiabloM6 magnetic phone mount requires a thin metal plate affixed to the back of your phone.

    Please note that this also prevents Wireless Charging.

    The DiabloM6 is not directly compatible with MagSafe equipped iPhones.

    The metal plate features adhesive on the back and must be attached to your phone or case. It may not stick to all phone cases. For example, many silicone cases have non-stick properties that may not work with the metal plate.

    If you have a MagSafe-compatible phone and you do not want to apply the metal plate or you wish to maintain wireless charging functionality, we offer a MagSafe-compatible phone holder.