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    Flex Mount with VHB Adhesive Base - 20mm Ball Mount



    ✅ Universal Fitment

    This all-aluminum Flex Mount is designed to quickly provide you with a secure mounting location on slightly uneven or curved mounting surfaces (concave or convex). Simply stick it in place, attach your device holder and go! The 60mm (2.36") base provides a sturdy foundation to mount your device.

    VHB Adhesive

    This ain't your standard off-the-shelf adhesive! VHB (very high bond) adhesive provides a long-lasting bond that actually gets stronger over time.

    This serious adhesive is designed to withstand extreme heat and cold, vibrations, moisture and UV light so you can secure this mount with confidence to a wide range of materials such as aluminum, steel, glass, plastics, painted and powder-coated surfaces.

    Quick & Easy Installation

    Flat surface? Simply peel off the protective film on the underside of the base to reveal the super strong VHB adhesive tape and stick the mount in place.

    Curved surface? Bend any or all of the 8 flexible extension tabs at the base (up or down) to create flush contact with the desired mounting surface before peeling off the protective film and sticking the mount in place.

    Need a little extra holding power? You can further secure the mount to the surface with the 8 included self-tapping screws - ideal for mounting surfaces where the underside of the panel is not accessible.

    Exercise care and patience when detaching the adhesive. The bond is very powerful and excessive force during removal may result in damage to the mounting surface.

    20mm Mounting System

    Our Flex Mount features an integrated 20mm mounting ball making it perfectly compatible with any of our Nubby Edition device holders resulting in a low profile device mounting solution.

    Note: not intended for use with a mounting arm.


    Other Version

    We offer another version of our Flex Mount but with a 20mm connector end compatible with our standard device holders equipped with an integrated 20mm ball.

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    Product FAQs

    We have a page dedicating to helping you choose the best phone holder depending on your usage and your phone size: Phone Holder Help

    Our DiabloM6 magnetic phone mount requires a thin metal plate affixed to the back of your phone.

    Please note that this also prevents Wireless Charging.

    The DiabloM6 is not directly compatible with MagSafe equipped iPhones.

    The metal plate features adhesive on the back and must be attached to your phone or case. It may not stick to all phone cases. For example, many silicone cases have non-stick properties that may not work with the metal plate.

    If you have a MagSafe-compatible phone and you do not want to apply the metal plate or you wish to maintain wireless charging functionality, we offer a MagSafe-compatible phone holder.