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    Locking Adjustable Carbon Fiber + Kevlar Mounting Arms with Articulating Joint (various sizes)


    Looking to position your device exactly where you want it? Our Locking Adjustable Carbon Fiber + Kevlar Mounting Arms with Articulating Joint will help you dial in your perfect setup.

    These mounting arm assemblies feature 2 mounting arms with an articulating joint (also referred to as a Rosette joint) at the center which can lock into position with the integrated thumbscrew.

    Each articulating arm offers 9 different functional positions of adjustability with a maximum articulating angle of 90° in each direction. Each adjustment position provides a rotation of approximately 22.5 degrees.

    Vertical or Horizontal Adjustments

    These mounting arms provide you with the ability to either angle your device up and down or left to right depending on the chosen orientation.

    20mm Mounting System

    The two aluminum connector ends have a socket size of 20mm which means they are perfectly compatible with any of our standard device holders equipped with a 20mm ball mount.

    Available Sizes

    We offer 4 different sizing combinations of adjustable mounting arms depending on your needs and device mounting setup.

    • 1cm to 1cm (all-aluminum construction)
    • 1cm to 7cm (carbon fiber + kevlar mounting arms with aluminum connectors)
    • 4cm to 4cm (carbon fiber + kevlar mounting arms with aluminum connectors)
    • 7cm to 7cm  (carbon fiber + kevlar mounting arms with aluminum connectors)

    Note: due to the presence of kevlar, the mounting arm has a subtle blue hue in direct light.

    Looking for Other Colors?

    If you're looking to add a splash of color, we do offer Matte Color Carbon Fiber Adjustable Arms with Articulating Joints in a few different colors.

    Caution: do not overload your mounting base. Excessive length of your overall arm and total load must be considered when using these locking adjustable arms with articulating joint.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    dennis caprigno jr

    did what i needed to do.

    Steve W.
    Best Option So Far

    I drive a 2017 RAM 3500. I've been using a Ram Mount are and suction cup windshield mount for my 7" Garmin GPS since I bought the truck new. I have been searching for a non-windshield mounted option for years. I was very comfortable with the Ram Mount attached to the windshield and essentially sitting on the dash in my line of sight so I did not have to divert my eyes far from the road. The suction cup stuck exceptionally well. I live in Texas and the sun can be brutal year round, especially in the summer. With the windshield mount for my GPS I could not totally shade my dash without laying rags on the part of the dash that was left exposed by most windshield sun screens. That area is where the sensor for the automatic headlights sit. So I had to remove and replace the rag every time I moved the sun screen. Once I installed the Bulletpoint 20mm 3 ball dash mount and accessories and confirmed it worked I ordered a custom cut sunscreen for my dash. (It's not shown in the picture because I haven't received it yet.). My GPS is attached to one of the ball mounts, my cellphone holder is attached to the second ball, and the third ball is currently not in use. But I have a TPMS and a backup camera for my trailer that I still want to mount. (Does all this talk about balls, things attached to balls, size of the balls seem a little uncomfortable to anyone besides me?). The mounts have held my phone adequately on some very rough Texas roads. So far, all is good and, other than being a little pricey, I have not reason to give this set-up less than 5 stars.



    Michael B
    Great product

    Very sturdy. Positions my phone exactly where I need it. Doesn’t wobble while driving


    Great product as always