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    2018-2023 Jeep Wrangler JL + 2020-2023 Jeep Gladiator Grab Bar Mounting Point


    (1x) Grab Bar Mount with 20mm Ball
    (1x) Grab Bar Mount with Flange
    (1x) 20mm Coupler
    (1x) Grab Bar Mount with 1 inch Ball
    (1x) Grab Bar Mount with 20mm Ball
    (1x) Universal Phone Holder Stubby Edition with 20mm Coupler
    (1x) Grab Bar Mount with 20mm Ball
    (1x) XL Universal Phone Holder Stubby Edition with 20mm Coupler
    (1x) Grab Bar Mount with 20mm Ball
    (1x) MagSafe-Compatible Phone Holder Stubby Edition with 20mm Coupler
    (1x) Grab Bar Mount with 20mm Ball
    (1x) DiabloM6 Magnetic Radio Holder Stubby Edition with 20mm Coupler
    (2x) Magnetic Plates with Adhesive for phone
    (1x) Grab Bar Mount with 20mm Ball
    (1x) Handheld Radio Holder Stubby Edition with 20mm Coupler
    (1x) Grab Bar Mount with 20mm Ball
    (1x) CB Radio Holder Stubby Edition with 20mm Coupler

    ✅ 2018-2023 Jeep Wrangler JL
    ✅ 2021-2023 Jeep Wrangler 4xe
    ✅ 2020-2023 Jeep Gladiator
    ❌ Does NOT fit 2024+ Jeep Wrangler JL or Gladiator
    ❌ Does NOT fit vehicles missing grab bar bolts (see fitment image)

    Introducing an additional mounting point for 2018-2023 Jeep Wrangler JL, 2021-2023 Jeep Wrangler 4xe and 2020-2023 Jeep Gladiator owners.

    Whether you want to mount a CB radio, Handheld Radio, tablet holder or phone holder, our Metal Grab Bar Mounting Point will do the trick.

    Choose between 3 options depending on your needs and the device you plan on attaching.


    20mm Ball

    The 20mm ball option is compatible with any of our mounting arms with 20mm couplers or our nubby edition device holders.

    Note: Our device holder kits found in the dropdown menu all feature Nubby Edition Device Holders.

    20mm Flange with Coupler

    This option is ready to accept any of our device holders with an integrated 20mm ball including the following:

    1 Inch Ball

    If you need to run a 3rd party device that requires a 1 inch or 25.4mm ball size, select this option.


    • 2018-2023 Jeep Wrangler JL
    • 2020-2023 Jeep Gladiator

    Does NOT fit 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK.
    Does NOT fit 2024+ Jeep Wrangler JL, 2024+ Jeep Wrangler 4xe or 2024+ Jeep Gladiator


    Installation couldn't be easier. Remove the existing screw in your passenger grab handle with the included Allen key and replace it with our grab bar ball mount or flange and coupler assembly.


    For the ultimate Jeep Command Center, combine this Grab Bar Mount with our RubiGrid® Jeep Phone Holder Dash Mount or any of our other dash mounted solutions.

    Safety Warning & Installation Note: For off-road use only. Do not block airbags.

    Due to the nature of how the grab bar mount installs (by threading it on in a clockwise direction), installation of the grab bar mount with an arm isn't recommended which is why we offer the ball mount in conjunction with our Nubby Edition device holders. If the arm and device holder are positioned to the left of center (6 o’clock to 12 o’clock) combined with bumps due to driving, it may loosen over time.

    Fitment: models equipped with a leather grab bar do not have the factory attachment points and may not use these products. Confirm compatibility with your vehicle by referencing our Compatibility Image.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 177 reviews
    Cork Morran
    Good product, But !

    I thought I ordered a round ball mount but I ordered the flange with coupler by mistake. I was asked to do a review on the product that showed a ball mount which I do not have. I did not know there was a drop down on the review to change it so I sent customer service an email to explain that and O BOY I got several emails showing how I ordered the product and this is what I ordered , not helpful at all and very disappointing. So I asked for a phone call and received, it with a very motivated young lady that is very high up in the company and was already to explain to me how I got what I ordered and was not interested in hearing what I had to say. The bottom line was she was very difficult to talk to and all I was trying to do was tell the company that I didn’t receive the ball and couldn’t do a review about the ball but was very happy with the stuff I got and made it work for me. Never once did I blame anyone for anything and never did I complain. O and she never asked me if I would like to buy or replace what I got with what I wanted to order. But
    Never mind she’s high up in the company.

    Hello James,
    Thank you for taking the time to write a review, and thank you for taking my call yesterday. As I recall you wrote in upset that we were asking you to send in a review for a product you did not get. After a few emails you asked for someone to give you a call and I promptly did. The review is asking for the Gladiator Grab Bar Mounting Point which is what you ordered and received. The one you ordered is pictured in the lower left of the email you received and it is called 20mm Flange with Coupler on your order form and is part of the grab bar mounting point 'collection'. As I mentioned on the call this could have been a misunderstanding on what the items are called. Everything on your order is pictured in this request. Again I apologize for your frustration and getting so upset with me on our call. Never did I ever say I am high up in the company. You asked for a manager to complain about me to. You asked me to verify my name and I replied you could complain to me. However you were yelling on the call so I am not sure what was heard. Thank you for being so kind and taking the time to send over the information I asked for on the call. Your email reply to me confirmed that you did not see the drop down and it caused some confusion . While the photo shows 2 balls it also shows the 20mm flange with coupler that you ordered. Its an entire collection of products associated with the grab bar mounting point. Below is your reply after I explained all of this in my email after our call.
    james r morran jr
    Yesterday at 11:47 AM
    Full disclosure this is the reason I didn’t get what I wanted in the first place again not unhappy. I was completely unaware of the drop-down box and somehow ordered the wrong product. I went back and looked at it on the website and understand why I was confused, I guess the picture threw me off. I just thought from the picture that the piece I got had the ball behind it plus the coupler, again no big deal. I wasn’t unhappy. I was just trying to keep from doing a bad review on a good product. Excuse my punctuation I’m talking into my work phone 60 feet in the air and old.

    My reply

    Bulletpoint Support
    Yesterday at 1:21 PM

    No worries, I have you have a good rest of your day.


    If you have any further questions I am more than happy to answer them.

    Rock Solid

    Installed in 5 minutes, holds great, no adjustments have needed to be made since I installed it.

    Danai Ratanasang
    Gladiator Grab Bar Mounting Point

    Perfect fit absolutely functional use full

    Bernardo Montoto
    Radio Mount Hardware

    I’ve acquired several pieces from here and they are all “Top Quality”. Next time I hit the trails I’ll be using my radio mount. Can’t wait.

    David Jantz
    Nubby Coupler

    Just arrived and installed. I think it will work great!

    Product FAQs

    We have a page dedicating to helping you choose the best phone holder depending on your usage and your phone size: Phone Holder Help

    Our DiabloM6 magnetic phone mount requires a thin metal plate affixed to the back of your phone.

    Please note that this also prevents Wireless Charging.

    The DiabloM6 is not directly compatible with MagSafe equipped iPhones.

    The metal plate features adhesive on the back and must be attached to your phone or case. It may not stick to all phone cases. For example, many silicone cases have non-stick properties that may not work with the metal plate.

    If you have a MagSafe-compatible phone and you do not want to apply the metal plate or you wish to maintain wireless charging functionality, we offer a MagSafe-compatible phone holder.