1/4"-20 Aluminum Camera Adapter with Integrated 20mm Ball

This adapter features the popular 1/4"-20 thread found on most tripods and fits into the bottom of most cameras.

This adaptor is also compatible with certain backup cameras and is the missing piece to securely mount your camera to your Bulletpoint Mounting Solutions setup.

NOTE: We offer both male and female versions depending on your mounting needs.

Customer Reviews

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The missing piece

This little guy was the missing piece to my dash rail setup. Used this along with the carbon fiber arm and universal phone holder. All put together it is a very solid and stable solution.

Thomas L Reyes, SR
Bullet Point Critique

These components are well built, versatile and adaptable to just about any situation you could come up with, they support many different applications for phone, walk-in talkies, iPad, gps and more. Your imaginations practically have no boundaries to the way you can set-up your gear. The only thing negative I could come up with is there isn’t any dash mount for the Toyota FJ. I was able to find me a dash mount and installed it, but all the additional components I used were strictly bullet points accessories. Great product.

Charles Moore
Perfect for my Bronco...

Bolted right in, Mounted my GoPro mount... Mounted my GoPro... Used it off-road... 100% SOLID... ZERO complaints... :D

John J
Great looking mounting accessories

Nice looking carbon fiber magnet mounts. Perfect for 4runner

Christopher Chu

Simply solid, not much to review. Righty tighty, lefty loosey. Gave it 4 stars only because it’s so cleanly manufactured it required me to run to the hardware store to purchased a small, thin rubber washer to help keep it from twisting loose. Maybe include one or Machine flat side to tighten with a wrench. It’s aluminum and is a better product than the plastic one out there.