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    Fleet Customer Spotlight: Jerry Strickland

    August 29, 2022 3 min read

    Fleet Customer Spotlight: Jerry Strickland

    In today's Customer Spotlight, we are highlighting a company that is using Bulletpoint Mounting Solutions in their fleet of 30+ vehicles!


    We had the pleasure of talking to Jerry at United Rentals from the Orlando, Florida field office. He is a field mechanic in his 16th year with them.

    The field mechanics at this location travel to repair broken down rental equipment. They often travel to undeveloped job sites so they were looking for something sturdy and reliable that could handle the rugged terrain they frequently encounter.


    Currently, their fleet consists of 14 Ford F-550s and 15 other F-Series delivery trucks along with a few semi trucks. The Ford trucks were easy to equip since Bulletpoint offers vehicle-specific solutions for them.

    For the semi trucks, Jerry's team had to get a little creative and opted to mount our 14th Gen 2021+ F-150 Dual Ball Dash Mount since we don't offer anything specific for big rigs.

    We think these were a great choice and look great in the cab.


    The major issue these field techs were facing was a safety feature installed in the trucks. They have dual-facing dash cams that monitor both the front of the rigs as well as the driver.

    When a driver takes his or her eyes off the road or looks down, they are
    "pinged." This is a violation of the safety protocol. They were looking for a solution to be able to navigate safely without looking away from the road.


    The Bulletpoint system mounts the phone up on the dash so they can safely glance at it for navigational assistance while respecting the safety standards.

    Thanks to the all-metal mounting base and sturdy carbon fiber + kevlar mounting arms, the entire system is rock solid and the result is a setup that has very minimal vibration making it easy to acquire and understand navigational instructions.

    The location of the dash-mounted system also does not trigger the safety camera since it is located within the allowable parameters of the driver-facing camera.

    After installing our mounts, the number of safety violation "pings" dropped considerably which means drivers are able to keep their eyes on the road resulting in safer service trips. Jerry said they have logged a few thousand hours on these mounts and they have never failed and continue to perform as expected.


    One of the key points they like about Bulletpoint is how easy it is to order and phone compatibility.

    Every driver has a different phone and case combination and they know that our holders can support any of them. 

    Next they are going to start testing some tablet holders in their Ford F-150s and they also have a Jeep Gladiator that will get equipped with a GoPro mount.


    On a personal note, Jerry wanted something rugged for his own Jeep Wrangler JKU to record videos of the obstacle course at Jeep Beach with his phone, not just a GoPro. He also wanted something adjustable and mounted on the dash for safety. Our Wrangler JK dash mount was the perfect solution.


    Jerry is very heavily involved in Jeep Beach and met David Wood who does a lot of work with Mission 22 (we actually did a feature on David. Read it here: David Wood Customer Spotlight).

    Mission 22 is the benefactor of Jeep Beach so David must have shown Jerry the Bulletpoint light. Thanks David!


    For about the last 6 years, Jerry has been a Regional Leader in Central Florida for Mission 22. He travels all over with his wife and daughter talking about the program at different events.

    As someone who has been affected by suicide, he understands what the families he meets are going through. Not all of them are military but they all need someone to talk to that understands their situation.

    Mission 22 provides extensive, personalized support and resources to help Veterans and their families thrive. Mission 22’s programs for Veterans and military spouses offer everything from biometric monitoring of stress, sleep, and activity levels to meditation and coaching as well as providing exercise programs, wellness supplement regimens to books and learning resources to help Veterans put their experience in context.

    The objective of the organization is working towards reducing and ending the statistic of 22 veterans a day taking their own lives.

    To learn more about the Mission 22 non-profit and what they do, be sure to visit their website: Mission 22


    We wanted to thank Jerry for taking the time to do this feature and give us some insight into their fleet of Bulletpoint-equipped vehicles.

    If you have a fleet or have any questions about our products, we'd be happy to discuss options to get your vehicles equipped with Bulletpoint mounts.

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