GoPro Mount - Compatible with 20mm Mounting Balls

GoPro compatible mounting bracket for use with any standard 20mm mounting ball. Includes plastic molded GoPro holder with metal connector device.

Depending on your dash configurations, this item may require a 1cm Arm and 20mm Elbow to raise your camera.

Customer Reviews

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Jesse Graham
My 2nd one

Bought one for my jeep a few weeks ago and I really liked it. I have a z fold 3 and the normal mount works fine but I ordered the tablet mount for my truck so I can have it open while I drive rather than closed. Very pleased with how sturdy it is and the blue arm I got looks nice with my blue truck

Ralph Hewitt
It’s functional

I mean it does what it’s supposed to do. The price is definitely high for the amount of work one has to do to install it. You literally have to modify your vehicle to install it. And if you are thinking of selling the vehicle you definitely cannot take it out without it being obvious

Fantastic Product

This works perfect for the GoPro camera. Between the mounting bracket and this mounting solution, I am extremely pleased. I should have purchased this for my Ram 1500 years ago!

David Rush

GoPro Mount - Compatible with 20mm Mounting Balls

matthew west
Perfect compliment to phone mount

I had some shipping issues with this, FedEx lost it. I notified Bulletpoint and they immediately sent out a replacement. Awesome customer service. I have the 2 ball mount and was excited to be able to easily mount my GoPro. Bulletpoint Mounting Solutions is the best mount I have ever had. I would recommend this to anyone with a Ram truck