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    12V Power Supply to Dual Port USB-C + USB-A QC 4.0 Kit


    Dash-Mounted Dual USB Ports

    This 12V power supply kit gives you the ability to conveniently hardwire 2 USB ports on your dash mount.

    Note: this is not a plug-and-play system and requires knowledge of vehicle electrical systems. Professional installation is recommended.



    Type C USB Output / USB A Output : 2.4A-5V, 2A-9V, 1.5A-12V (20W Max)


    • 1x 12V Power Supply with Dual USB Ports
    • 2x Self-Tapping Screws
    • 2x sets of Nuts, Bolts and Washers
    • 2x Splice Connectors

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    Steve Horrocks
    Still will not power Garmin RV890

    The replacement power port (Order #289723) mostly works. The USB-A port will not provide enough power to the Garmin RV890 GPS to charge the unit. However, the USB-A port does provide enough power to my Garmin 57 DashCam. I have had to plug the GPS into the USB-A socket of the original power port (Order #273584) and plug the dashcam into the replacement power port. The USB-C sockets on both power pots provide adequate power to my Galaxy S22+ phone. According to my GPS manual, the supplied power from your power port should be adequate to power the GPS. (2A @12V)
    While everything is working, I am not 100 percent happy.
    For reference in the photo...new port is on the right.

    Lance O
    Bright blue LED - the whole thing is lit up

    This has bright blue LED lights that are always on. Not only does this mean it is always drawing power, but it also means that at night the windshield reflects a mirror image of the blue LEDs right in my field of view. This is a safety hazard. This is not good at all for something that is supposed to be on top of the dash (on my Rubigrid). Nowhere in the description does it mention the lights, and none of the pictures show it lit up. Had I not already opened the dash, drilled the hole, snaked the wire, and connected it, I would have not used it. Very disappointed.

    Tom Perkins
    Good end result but...

    The chargers work great once installed but the instalation is more difficult than it should be. The short wire leads with connectors don't make any sense. Longer wire leads with some basic instructions would be very helpful. YouTube instructions from another manufacturer helped me install two onto the RubiGrid of our Gladiator.


    Good seller

    Don King
    Works well

    Purchased to have power at top of the dash. I wish the power leads would exit from the back though. Also being able to connect to the internal USB for car play would be nice