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    Magnetic Dash Camera Adapter with 20mm Ball Mount


    (1x) Dash Cam Mount
    (1x) Dash Cam Mount
    (1x) 7cm Carbon Fiber + Kevlar Mounting Arm
    (1x) Dash Cam Mount
    (1x) 1cm Aluminum Mounting Arm

    ✅ Dash Cameras
    ✅ Other small devices with a flat mounting surface (large enough to accommodate the 20mm metal plate)

    Looking to mount your dash camera or other light/small device to your Bulletpoint Mounting Solutions dash mount? This magnetic adapter is the component you need!

    This 2-piece mount provides a secure hold on your dash cam thanks to a combination of a powerful magnet, alignment teeth and strong VHB™ adhesive.


    How it Works

    This mount consists of 2 components: the small 20mm diameter metal plate that attaches to your dash cam with strong VHB™ adhesive and the magnetic 20mm ball mount that attaches to a mounting arm.

    The magnet provides a secure connection between your dash cam and your dash mount via a mounting arm. In addition, the magnetic system provides a fast and convenient way to quickly attach or remove your dash cam.

    The alignment teeth prevent the camera from spinning ensuring your dash cam is always pointed in the right direction.


    On the backside of the dash cam plate, simply peel away the adhesive film and attach it to your device (make sure the surface is clean). Secure the ball mount to any of our standard mounting arms.

    With both components installed, you now have a convenient and secure mount to quickly attach your dash cam and hit the road.

    Important: please ensure your device has enough room to accommodate the 20mm round metal plate.

    Customer Reviews

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    Robbi Curtis
    It’s ok

    It’s nice and built solid to a point…. The two sided tape on the disc sucks. Until I find a stronger it’ll stay in the toolbox drawer