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    Connectors for Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Arms and Third Party Devices


    Our connectors allow you to configure multiple arms/devices in unique positions to place a device exactly where you want it. Match with our exclusive carbon fiber/Kevlar arms, or connect to your third party devices for the perfect solution.

    20mm to 20mm connector is perfect for connecting two of our arms.

    20mm to 17mmconnector is perfect for adapting a 20mm arm to accommodate a device that uses a 17mm connector. 17mm connections are common on GPS devices, dash cams and some phone/tablet holders.

    • Garmin RV 795 GPS

    20mm to 25mm (1")connector is perfect for adapting a 20mm arm to accommodate a device that uses a 25mm (1") female receiver socket. 25mm connections are common on some GPS devices and backup cameras.

    20mm to 22.4mm connector is perfect for adapting a 20mm arm to accommodate a device that uses a 22.4mm female connector. 22.4mm connections are common on many Furrion brand camera monitors (Vision S5 & Vision S7).

    20mm to 15mm connector is perfect for adapting a 20mm arm to accommodate a device that uses a 15mm female connector.

    20mm to 8.5mm connector is perfect for adapting a 20mm arm to accommodate a device that uses a 8.5mm female connector. 8.5mm connections are common on many Garmin Dash Cams including but not limited to:

    • Garmin Dash Cam™ 45 / 46 / 47
    • Garmin Dash Cam™ 55 / 57
    • Garmin Dash Cam™ 65W / 66W / 67W
    • Garmin Dash Cam™ Tandem
    • Garmin Dash Cam™ Mini 2
    • Garmin Speak™ & Garmin Speak™ Plus

    20mm to 8.5mm Connector for Garmin Dash Cams

    Customers are encouraged to verify socket sizes with third party device makers before purchasing a connector. Please email customer support if you need help determining if your device is compatible.

    Caution: do not overload your mounting base. Excessive length of your overall arm and total load must be considered when using this product. Please email customer support if you have questions about this product.

    Small Part: keep out of reach of children.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 178 reviews
    Ken Pate

    Everything is great!
    The hole process with everything was fantastic. I like I can use other parts to fit my devices. You have really built a solid foundation for your products. Keep up the new ideas!
    I have a 24 ram 2500 REBEL with the 12 inch screen. Fits perfectly!

    Troy Rader
    Very Pleased with Overall Setup

    I held off for over a year before making the final decision to equip my 2020 GMC Sierra 2500 dash with a Bullet Point set up. I tow a 35' travel trailer amongst many other trailers with a rear monitoring system, a wife who needs somewhere other than my console to store her phone, and recently purchased a separate Garmin navigation system specifically for RV's. I needed a way to manage all the "stuff", get it lower on my field of view (off the windshield), that was stable and quickly removable when not needed. The Bullet Point System met that requirement and I'm pleased with the results. Very easy and quick installation. My only critique is with the cable management system which I purchased along with the system to get all the cables away from the console. You need to find a better adhesive as the ones you use did not work. Slight pull of the cable and the connectors popped off the dash after only a couple of days even with proper prep and installation. I had to purchase clear double sided Gorilla tape and reinstall using that, which seems to work much better. Overall, I am very pleased and excited to recommend my setup to others.

    Michael Koester

    From start to finish excellent customer service and support and your product is excellent thank you very much Mike Koester 👍👍

    chris fetzer
    20mm to 15 mm arm for Tom Tom

    The arm almost fit perfectly for my Tom Tom , just added a small piece of heat shrink to give it a tight fit to limit movement. Works great.


    Awesome product and customer service as always