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    12V Power Supply to Dual Port USB-C + USB-A QC 4.0 Kit


    Dash-Mounted Dual USB Ports

    This 12V power supply kit gives you the ability to conveniently hardwire 2 USB ports on your dash mount.

    Note: this is not a plug-and-play system and requires knowledge of vehicle electrical systems. Professional installation is recommended.



    Type C USB Output / USB A Output : 2.4A-5V, 2A-9V, 1.5A-12V (20W Max)


    • 1x 12V Power Supply with Dual USB Ports
    • 2x Self-Tapping Screws
    • 2x sets of Nuts, Bolts and Washers
    • 2x Splice Connectors

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Zechariah Steves
    Won’t charge my IPhone

    I have power hooked up but it won’t charge my iPhone. Any tips?

    Michael Rawski
    Disappointing Quality

    It will do the job but this item is NOT up to par with typical Bulletpoint products. The mounting hardware is smaller and doesn’t match my mounts. The mount is cheap plastic and I’m sure the cover will be breaking off within a year. The wires are maybe 6 inches long and come with spade connections that you need to remove/tape up so you can use the splice connectors provided.

    Brett d
    Exactly what I wanted, except...

    This is what you need if you want to have power at the mount for a wireless charger or device charging nearby. The two issues I have with this specific item - Wires, I have 4" with crimped/ shrink blade connectors on the end. This isnt near long enough for any installation, especially when you have to cut the connectors off to solder on an extension. The other issue, and it is shown in the photo, the wire pig tail comes off of the front, so wires are noticeable regardless of how you go unless you can deal with the words facing reverse, then your pig tail drops out the back. After I soldered on the extension wires, I opted to wrap in a black fabric tape to alleviate it.

    Anthony Krysiewicz
    Easy installation and clean look

    Having the 12v power supply accessories for the track is absolutely essential. They not only keep the charging cables neat and tidy, but also eliminate the hassle of dangling wires. To install them, you need to connect a 14/2 cable from the 12 power supply leads to the cigarette lighter cables. I personally used 3 way splicers near the cigarette cables and 2 way splicers at the 12v power supply leads, resulting in a much cleaner and professional-looking setup. I highly recommend purchasing a wire management kit along with this, as it will help keep the cables organized on the arms and track. Although the product does not come with instructions, a quick online search will provide you with the necessary information to make the installation process much easier.


    I like this and it provides a direct connect solution to having a 12 v socket. But I don’t care for the red and black wires. Doesn’t look and feel as high quality as your other products. So when I installed it I made a black nylon wiring loom specifically for it so it looked more high end. Other than that, I love it. It’s super handy having this right on my dash to plug accessories in.