Bulletproof is Now Bulletpoint Mounting Solutions

When we started Bulletproof Mounting Solutions, we knew we had a great concept.

We wanted to bring high-quality, fairly priced phone mounts to the Jeep and Truck community.

As we went down the path of “making it official” and getting our name trademarked, it became clear that we needed to differentiate ourselves even further from the other Bulletproof brands - there are over a hundred.

So let’s get to the point...Bulletpoint.💥

Over the course of the next several weeks, we will be changing the name of our company from Bulletproof to Bulletpoint Mounting Solutions.

But don’t worry, we will still offer the same great customer service, great products and we will continue to stand behind our products with the same industry leading limited lifetime warranty.

Thanks again for your being a loyal customer and thanks for being part of Team Bulletpoint.



Why did the name change to Bulletpoint Mounting Solutions?

There are well over 100 companies in the automotive space with the name Bulletproof in the name. We are changing the name to secure a trademark and differentiate ourselves in the market.

Does this mean my warranty is no longer valid?

Our limited lifetime warranty is valid on products sold under the old and new brand name. We’ve got you covered.

What should I do if I need support?

You may continue to email support@bulletproofmountingsolutions.com

If I order a mount today, what brand will it say on it?

The transition to Bulletpoint Mounting Solutions is expected to take several months. During that time, you may receive a product with Bulletproof branding.

Are your products changing?

We will continue to make the same great products with the same industry-leading warranty. Only the name is changing.

Did someone buy the company and change the name?

There has been no change ownership. The company is still owned by two long-time friends in Ohio.

Will Bulletpoint continue to support active-duty, veterans, law enforcement and first responders?

We are 100% committed to our philanthropic efforts and will continue to donate a portion of our profits to organizations supporting these heroes.