RubiGrid® 2021+ Ford Bronco Platform Dash Mount Device Phone Holder

NEW! RubiGrid® Bronco Dash Mount

The Bronco is back and our RubiGrid® solution is ready for you to Customize your Bronco Command Center. Giddy up on adventure!

What makes RubiGrid® different?


  1. Install the ball mounts on your RubiGrid®
  2. Peel off the adhesive strip from underneath the RubiGrid® mount
  3. Set the RubiGrid® in place lining up with the "Accessory Ready" hole
  4. Secure the base to the dash using the included 1/4"-20 bolt for the Accessory Ready point as well as 6 self-tapping screws

    That's it! From here, mount your equipment to create your ultimate Bronco Command Center.


    RubiGrid® for Bronco is fully expandable to use up to 6 AMPS-Style balls plus our 1/4"-20 ball mount so you can mount up to 7 total devices.

    No pre-set locations. No limits.

    No sliding or slipping ball mount locations like other offerings on the market including rail systems. Each AMPS ball installs with 4 bolts with nylon nuts for a reliable and secure attachment.

    Easily change the ball mount location at any time.

    Unfamiliar with AMPS? Find out more here: AMPS Mounts Explained


    Not only is RubiGrid® base perfectly compatible with our lineup of mounts 20mm AMPS mounting balls, it's also compatible with device holders and attachments from other manufacturers. *Please verify ball size required when using parts from other manufacturers.

    Secure your Phone, Tablet, CB Radio, Handheld Radio, GoPro Action Camera. Whatever it is, RubiGrid® can handle it.


    Our Premium Phone Mount Base Made from Precision, Laser Cut Metal for Extra Rigidity and an OEM-Like Fit in your Bronco.


    The RubiGrid® Dash Mount installs using the Accessory Ready screw location found in the Bronco dash along with 6 self-tapping screws resulting in rock solid base to securely mount all of your devices.


    RubiGrid® is Specifically Designed for your 2021+ Ford Bronco - all trim levels.
    Does not fit Bronco Sport.


    RubiGrid® is backed by our industry-leading Limited Lifetime Warranty and we stand behind our products 100%.


    Start with our basic kit and expand as your needs change. Includes everything you need to get started.

    No need to purchase extra balls or device holders.

    What's included in the kit?

    • (1) RubiGrid® platform
    • (2) AMPS Style 20mm mounting balls and required hardware (nuts, bolts, washers)
    • (1) standard 10cm Carbon Fiber+Kevlar hybrid mounting arm
      • (2) 10cm mounting arms are included with the Dual Device Configurations (Dual Phone Holders, Phone Holder + Tablet Mount)
    • (1) phone holder (choose between our Universal, XL Universal, DiabloM6 Magnetic, MagSafe, Wireless Charging Cradle Phone Mount)
      • Dual phone holder configurations include (2) phone holders
    • (1) GoPro compatible action camera holder with certain configurations
    • Installation Hardware (6 self-tapping screws + 1/4"-20 threaded bolt for "Accessory Ready" mounting point)

    Make your kit selection and the respective kit image will be displayed. All components shown are included.

    Base-Only Option

    You may opt for just the RubiGrid® Base and customize from there (no AMPS balls, mounting arms or device holders are included with the base only configuration).

    Note: While our arms and device holders are interchangeable and compatible with this platform mount, RubiGrid® may not be used in combination with our dual or single ball driver or passenger side bases. Click here to see all RubiGrid®-compatible components.

    Our DiabloM6 magnetic phone mount requires a thin metal plate affixed to the back of your phone. Please note that this also prevents Wireless Charging. The DiabloM6 is not directly compatible with MagSafe equipped iPhones. The metal plate may not stick to all phone cases. For example, many silicone cases have non-stick properties that may not work with the metal plate.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    Brian Riley
    Let’s see

    So far so good. Letstd give it some time to see if it loosens up.

    Eric Paden
    Well worth it

    Love my mount and I was excited they finally came out for the bronco

    Michael Arias
    To BIG

    The Bronco windshield has a smaller field of view than my 2018 jk, your product length has to be screwed and bonded into the dash preventing removal for cleaning, your product is built very well but I think it should be made much shorter for removal and less items. I also purchased the dash mount for my Dodge Ram, I couldn’t be happier!!

    Vanessa Shumate
    Just like I imagined, Perfect

    Our family has 6 other vehicles with this mount system. When I found out that one was being developed for my 2021 Bronco full size, I was very excited. I also new if it was from Bullet Point, it would be amazing and you know it, It was!! Thank you.

    Jona Vest
    Awesome addition to the Bronco

    I love my Rubigrid. Very stable and easy to use and adjust