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Bulletpoint MagSafe Compatible Wireless Phone Charger

The much anticipated Bulletpoint MagSafe-Compatible Wireless Phone Charger is designed to provide the ultimate mount-and-go experience.

Lightning fast magnetic attachment and wireless charging all in one!


Whether you're looking to purchase your very first Bulletpoint system or you already have one, this MagSafe-compatible wireless charger is fully compatible with any of our dash mounts.


This phone mount is perfect for anyone looking for a MagSafe-compatible wireless charging solution.

Simply put, this is the strongest magnetic mount we offer with the convenience of fast wireless charging.


This phone holder is compatible with all MagSafe-equipped iPhones (12 and newer).

It is also compatible with the iPhone 8 - iPhone 11. These phones support wireless charging but are not MagSafe-equipped. It is necessary to secure the included magnetic metal rings to the back of your phone or phone case.

If you take your vehicle off-road or drive over rough terrain often, we recommend applying the included metal ring for even more holding power (this includes the iPhone 12 and newer). The metal ring creates a stronger connection than the integrated MagSafe magnets.

For full MagSafe instructions and phone compatibility information, see here: Bulletpoint MagSafe Instructions


It doesn't get any easier than this. Snap your phone into place taking advantage of the MagSafe magnets and hit the road while your phone charges wirelessly. No more fumbling around with charging cables.


  • (1) MagSafe-Compatible Wireless Charger
  • (2) Metal Rings with double-sided adhesive
  • (1) 20mm to 17mm ball adaptor
  • (1) USB-C charging cable


The power supply / port in which the charging cable is plugged into must meet certain requirements. It must be QC2.0 or QC3.0 (Quick Charge) enabled. If your power supply or cigarette adaptor is not Quick Charge-enabled, the wireless charger may not charge properly. For more information, be sure to consult our MagSafe & Wireless Charging page.

The placement of the metal rings is very important. If not properly located, it could interfere with the charging capabilities of the phone and could cause damage.

A mounting arm is not included with basic configuration. Make a selection using the dropdown menu if you require a 7cm or 1cm mounting arm or shop our entire range of mounting arms.


If you regularly take your vehicle off-roading, we strongly recommend using the included magnetic metal ring to increase the holding power.

If you're looking for the ultimate phone holder for off-roading is our Spring-Loaded Universal Phone Holder.

Customer Reviews

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Sara Eliser


Jeremy Mock
I like it a lot.

22 - F250 with wireless Android auto.. that feature is great, but drains the battery quick, so you're usually plugging a cord in anyways. This charger pretty much maintains if I'm keeping my screen open.. but does get ahead a bit if screen is off. I was about to return this after trying to stick the metal rings to the back of my case and watching the phone slide down the charger and fall until I got a new (cheap) case off of Amazon that has the metal ring built in. It works much better for some reason.. maybe because there's a lip under the camera lense that catches the top of the charger and that's all it needed to lock it in. I'm using a Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Ian Tilley
Decent wireless charger

I have been using the ESR Halolock, which an old Bulletpoint Mounting Solutions blog post recommended, and replaced it with the Bulletpoint fast wireless charger. I love the look of it but I ultimately went back to the ESR.

The BMS charger has weaker magnets than the ESR. I'm using a Moment case on my Samsung Galaxy S21+ as a MagSafe workaround. I have no problems using it with the ESR, but with the BMS it kept sliding off. I tried using the included rings on the case but that leads to the next point: the BMS mount gets HOT. It got hot enough that the adhesive on the ring failed. Even when using the ring it would still fall off the mount from time to time. I have also tried using the Carmount brand wireless charger and the BMS magnet is stronger than that one.

Maybe it works better if using an iPhone with actual MagSafe, but for me I am looking forward to a BMS mount 2.0. Needs stronger magnets and better cooling.

sean Mehen
Love it.

Works great for my MagBak IPhone case in my 21’ Ranger

Nicholas Plaetz
Love most of it

The MagSafe is not strong enough, it charges great but does not hold iPhone 13 Pro Max in a case my phone falls every bump we hit I really like the rest of the system though

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