DiabloM6 Magnetic Phone Mount Holder

The CNC'd Aluminum Frame Houses the Magnet Pad comprised of 6 Rare Earth 

Neodymium Magnets for a devilish grip on your device: this is DiabloM6.

Our DiabloM6 Magnetic Phone Holder is our most convenient, most compact solution for those who are constantly on the go.

For maximum holding power simply attach the heavy duty stainless steel metal plate to your phone or case using the already applied adhesive tape.

Pair with our TJ, JK or JL base and Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Hybrid mounting arms for the ultimate in stability and durability.
Includes one Magnetic Mount and Two Metal Plates.

Use Wireless Charging? Read this first.

While our DiabloM6 is extremely strong, it is not recommended for heavy off-road use. Check out our Universal Phone Holder if you plan to go off-road.

Customer Reviews

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Bumpy SoCal freeways

I've had a few different cell phone holders since purchasing my Ram last year. One big plus in my decision to go with the Diablo M6 was it's designed to mount on my Ram dash. So far best cell phone mount I've had , nice n sturdy , well made too :+1:. Doesn't budge one bit commuting on So Cal. Freeways .

Best mount you can buy.

Best mount you can buy. Very sturdy.

Gladiator Mount

Mounted a universal fit with the DiabloM6 in our new Gladiator. Awesome mount! Solid construction and love the convenience of having the magnetic connection. Safe to say this mount is solid enough to go down range but stylish enough to go downtown. Customer service was excellent too!

Not fully tested yet

Not tested while off-roading yet but so far this thing is a monster

Best magnet phone holder

Truly the best magnet phone holder i have had.
I had there their first magnet holder and was disappointed with how it did, i have a note 10+ so I knew that it might not be the best, but I wanted something that you did not have to open or pull apart to get the phone in, so I took my chance, again not overly impressed, however it did kinda worked after I cut the back of my phone case so the magnet would be on the metal plate, well a week later I saw this Diablom6 I wrote bulletproof and asked if this was actually better got a reply 15 min later with a huge WAY BETTER, one was in the mail less then a hr after I received that reply. Let me tell you way better was a understatement, this thing grabs your phone like you can't imagine holds it in place, doesn't slide, doesn't start to rotate, just blam i got it... you drive.. a great product highly recommended, but more then that and what has made this whole experience just a pleasure is the bulletproof team. Actually respons in a mater of a hr, and can tell it was a real person answering and taking care of me. Thank you bulletproof team, for your professionalism, honesty, and a truly great product.